Puttin’ On The Spritz: Summer Perfume for Women

Puttin’ On The Spritz: Summer Perfume for Women

Makeup, hair care and skin care products aren’t the only tools we use to help us express who we are, there's also summer perfume for women (not worn all at once I hope) that tell the world who we are with one sniff.

Spring/Summer 2011 brings to market even more choices of scents that awaken your senses and two of those are HKI’s product picks starting with Cotton T-Shirt by Clean ($69, sephora.com). Like the simple iconic white t-shirt as written about in the book “Tommy Hilfiger by Tommy Hilfiger,” it’s simple in design and forever a mainstay in many of our closets because of it’s ease, so what better way to capture unpretentiousness in a bottle. To imagine what this fragrance smells like, just close your eyes and think of a freshly laundered tee – how uncomplicated! Bergamot, cotton flower, rosewood and sheer amber are only a few of the notes that make this airy scent a joy to wear.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh ($70, bloomingdales.com), is a scent that’s the epitome of a fresh summer day. At first spritz, you can take a deep breath without coughing up a lung because the combination of top notes red grapefruit, raspberry, wild rose, lychee and apple blossom and base notes plum cedar wood and plum (to name a few) are gentle to your nasal cavity and really do bring you to a cheerful place if only for a moment. The cap of the bottle alone is enough to make someone smile, so why wouldn’t you indulge yourself in a little bit of whimsy and do what should come easy – find joy in the simple pleasures of life with this gem.


Happy New Year everyone! Just when I thought I had run out of topics, I found inspiration for this week’s entry by looking at my dressing area which houses a few of my fave fragrances.

While I wouldn’t say that I’m schizophrenic, I would say that my mood does determine the scent that I spritz on to start my day or preps me for a night out on the town. I’ve always thought that it’s a woman’s right to change her mind as often as she wants. Maybe you’re of the same belief. But all arrogance aside, when it comes to fragrances, it’s important to choose those that mesh well with your chemistry as well as your personality.  And if you happen to have a few more “moods” to contend with, lucky for you there are a ton of fragrance choices on the market and the trick is to narrow those down. For tips  on finding the fragrance for your personality, check out my entry from last year, Sweet Charity: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For this entry, it was tough deciding which (among my many fragrances) were my absolute favorites, but I made it happen.

I find that I use Signature Eau de Parfum Spray by Vera Wang (notes of Bulgarian Rose and Iris) 1.7 oz ($70, ulta.com) year-after-year every winter because of it’s rich floral scent. I put it on in the morning and it lasts throughout the day without my having to reapply it – a definite selling point.

If you’re a person of few words or just a little shy at times (like myself), a sensual fragrance Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani 1.15 oz ($39.50, macys.com) does the talking for you. At the start of each summer, I pull this fresh scent out which is infused with notes of hyacinth and sandalwood and ever-so-lightly spray my chest and wrists. Let’s just say that when I  wear this, the compliments are plentiful.

Shallow or not, packaging is a big deal for me which is partly why Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum ($88, nordstrom.com) ended up on my list favorites. This is also a floral fragrance (with top and mid notes of wild strawberries and jasmine bousquet) that doesn’t take itself too seriously as evidenced by the flower petal cap which looks similar to the jasmine flower. It’s just so pretty. I wear this fragrance anytime of the year because it brings out my ”flirty” self.

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