The #1 Shaving Hack For Shag Free Legs + GIVEAWAY!

The #1 Shaving Hack For Shag Free Legs + GIVEAWAY!

Shaving Hack

Congrats Nicole P., Seyma S., and Harriet B! 

Unless you’re a shave-free celeb like Tyra Banks or Miley Cyrus, you probably like living a well-shaved life for a hair free strut down the catwalk of life…enter Blake Lively. To keep you smooth and perfectly groomed without the expense, check out the new BIC Soleil Balance razor.

FUN FACT: According to a BIC® Soleil® Razor Survey conducted by Wakefield Research (, more than three in five (61%) women say shaving makes them feel clean, while 42% note it’s part of their daily grooming routine.

Want to try a BIC Soleil for yourself? Enter to win, one rule below!

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The Buzz

Affordably priced, the new 2-in-1 BIC Soleil Balance razor is the #1  the shaving hack that let’s you achieve a flawless shave anywhere, anytime minus the shaving cream. It’s designed with five flexible blades and moisture bars with shea butter for silky smooth closeness.

Price: $5.99

Availability: mass merchandise, drug, and grocery stores

Social: Facebook – @BICSOleil,  Instagram – @bicsoleil



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Why You’ll Love It

There’s nothing I love more than stepping into the shower and there being only one step to shaving whateva. The BIC Soleil Balance surpassed my expectations because from beginning to end, it was one of the smoothest shaving experiences I’ve ever had. The strategically placed Shea Butter Moisture bars on either side of the blades allows for a close, flawless shave…what more could a girl want? Nuff said. 

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