Treat Dry Callused Feet

Treat Dry Callused Feet

Shame on you if you suffer from raggedy-feet syndrome, and think that stuffing them into a pair of shoes is a long-term solution. Not! At the risk of sounding preachy, there are literally hundreds of foot care products waiting for the chance treat dry, callused feet so that you never suffer the embarrassment of your feet slicing yours or someone else’s bed sheets.

So if you want to treat dry, callused feet, then here are a few foot care products to consider:

Callused feet needn’t be an issue if you own ($6.49, – an exfoliant that doesn’t use harsh abrasives to soften dry skin and contains ingredients like Urea, Karanja Oil and Rosemary Oil to provide intense hydration for buttery, soft skin.

Tweezerman isn’t a brand that is strictly concerned with keeping your brows perfectly arched, they also create awesome tools for feet like the Tweezerman Sapphire Crystal Foot Scrubber ($38, – a tool that contains tiny, abrasive sapphire-ceramic crystals fixed to a stainless steel handle. Yes, a stainless steel handle so you can put some elbow grease into working away that crust from the bottom of your feet!

If your heels look like they’re beyond repair because the skin has split, try CND Cucumber Heel Therapy ($15, a cucumber, aloe and chamomile-infused moisturizer that calms severe dryness on your heels or on other parts of your body. Use very little as it is a concentrated formula to get big results.

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