Valentine’s Day Pure Chocolate Skin Care Prep

Valentine’s Day Pure Chocolate Skin Care Prep

Chocolate Skin Care

Something sweet is always on the menu come Valentine's Day. But, if you want my suggestion, think chocolate skin care from Shea Terra Organics for a glowing healthy complexion, and a delicious treat for your body that smooths and protects. [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

Featuring a blend of pure chocolate liquor and a proprietary blend of herbs, rose hips fruit and baobab, your face will love Shea Terra Organics Chocolate & Rose Hips Beauty Masque. This mask is designed to deliver skin-repairing antioxidants to help encourage new healthy cell production and fight the damaging effects of sun exposure, chemicals and aging. Just scoop, apply, and let sit for  15-30 minutes before rinsing off. Price: $24 Featuring indigenous African ingredients like the Beauty Masque, Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar Dark Chocolate 2 n 1  Body Scrub is, lucky for you, a calorie-free blend of pure, certified organic chocolate liquor, vanilla and granules of whole Malawi sugar to soften and remove dead skin while  delivering powerful, anti-aging antioxidants to the outer layer of skin. Price: $16 Available:

Why You'll Love It

There's nothing to dislike about either of these products. I'm a chocolate fiend, so applying the Masque was an utter joy. The directions say to scoop the powder out, however, it was more like a paste (with fine granules) that needed no mixing. I felt a little tingling sensation that didn't go away for the entire 20 minutes that I kept the mask on. After I rinsed this mask off, my face felt free of dead skin and ready to receive my treatment products. The only downside? with every breath I smelled chocolate and couldn't have any!


Painless Fat Zapping!  [vc_empty_space height="5px"]

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