A Beauty Breakthrough in Perfume You Must Try

A Beauty Breakthrough in Perfume You Must Try

Perfumeincrease your perfume staying power

Make it last forever isn't commentary on Beyonce's marriage, although we do wish her/them the best of luck. We're talking sillage, or the lack there of. Sillage is a fancy word that explains your fragrance's lingering power and why after spritzing in the morning, you smell nothing by the afternoon. To increase your perfume staying power, try the HSN-loved, FragranceLock

The Buzz

FragranceLock ($34, fragrancelock.com) was developed by beauty industry veteran Francine Gingras and her daughter Josephine Sullivan because they wanted solution to help make your fragrance scent last longer on the skin. And this does. FragranceLock creates a breathable mesh on your skin to decelerate fragrance’s natural evaporation cycle making it last longer.

Still have reservations? Expert and consumer testing showed that 96.8% of respondents said that FragranceLock™ lasted 12 hours or more.

Why You'll Love It

The two things that stand out to me about FragranceLock is that first, there isn't a special application of this product - just spray it after you spray on your perfume. Secondly, this product doesn't change how your perfume smells.

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