Fall Fragrances for Every Attitude

Fall Fragrances for Every Attitude

According to the Urban Dictionary and close friend to yours truly, Leslie, the term ‘fierce,’ loosely means “being fabulous and owning it!” ‘Fierce’ is also the the highest compliment that is bestowed on someone whose unique blend of beauty & fashion makes an arresting statement, but yet surprisingly, there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle – a perfume that speaks to who you are; a fall fragrance for every attitude.

Fragrances are fun because they accommodate our different moods (hopefully there aren’t too many to choose from) and gives everyone standing within a few feet of you a sneak peek into your mindset – take for instance…

Bottega Veneta (2.5 oz/$130 Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus) is an eau de parfum that evokes suppleness and sensuality which is reminiscent of the house’s renowned leather goods. BV is a sensual scent so consider wearing this when you’re feeling sexy and want the world to know it but don’t want to slap us in the face with it.


Top :  pink peppercorn, bergamot, lily of the valley
Mid: jasmine, leather, patchouli
Base: oak moss

If you want to emote a strong and powerful attitude then consider Balenciaga Paris L’Essence (2.5 oz $130, neimanmarcus.com) your soul mate. The high-quality fashion jewels of Balenciaga inspired the creation of the brand’s signature fragrance. The bottle of this leathery violet scent has a reflective, raw effect, as pure as a sharp-edged jewel made of hematite.


Top :  violets leaves, pimento berries
Mid:  leathery facets of labdanum
Base : cedarwood, patchouli,  vetive

But is there a scent that embraces your need to just have fun and not take life too seriously? Of course, and it’s name is Prada Candy ($80-$100, neimanmarcus.com) characterized as a joyful & carefree scent. Prada captures fun in a bottle with the brand’s vision being”colorful, pop and explosive.” Candy is for the woman who is daring, seductive, full of life and implosive – do any of these terms describe you?  


Top: Explosion of caramel.

Now the puzzle is complete. The Right Outfit + The Right Hair & Makeup + The Right Fragrance = The Perfect Statement.

Hue Knew It? I did.  


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