3 Products That Stop Curly Hair Shrinkage and Breakage

3 Products That Stop Curly Hair Shrinkage and Breakage

Anyone with hair like celebs Jessica Szhor and Solange Knowles know the woes of curly hair shrinkage – the voluminous style you started with in the A.M. has turned into the fro you  never wanted come 5 P.M. To combat the shrinking-curly-hair blues consider, using products from KMS California, Camille Rose Naturals and Dark and Lovely.

Kill ‘Em With Moisture

Due to lack of moisture, curly hair shrinks and breaks. To minimize the need to tug and pull at your tresses to keep their length and ultimately breaking them, try Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Super Softening Hair Butter ($9.99, sallybeauty.com and Walgreens stores). This is just what dry, thirsty hair needs – a hydrating treat to reinforce hair fibers, so it reduces breakage and treats transitioning hair. Made with a nurturing menu of  Honey, Guarana Root and much more, the entire Anti-Breakage line consists of shampoo, conditioner and hair butter.

Nurturing your tresses is paramount to having healthy strands that break less than more. Blended with wholesome natural oils, butters and milks, Camille Rose Love Milk ($14.99, target.com) leaves dry hair with long-lasting moisture as it protects.

If You Have Hair Like Jessica

Curly girls with hair similar to Jessica’s should think Curl Up Conditioner from KMS California ($25, drugstore.com). Simply wash and then apply this product from root to tip to support hydrated, defined curls that are soft, bouncy and tangle-free and rinse after two minutes.

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