Bang Hairstyles for Black Women that Bang ’em Up

Bang Hairstyles for Black Women that Bang ’em Up

It’s a fact that people get depressed during the winter. But if a spa visit isn’t on the horizon, and shopping doesn’t do the trick (although difficult to believe), then change your mood by changing your hair with bang hairstyles for Black women. You can clip on a bang or really commit cutting your hair.

Just remember, if wearing bangs similar to Aisha Tyler’s style prevents you from seeing street signs, or even worse, seeing your hands, then you’re bangs are too long. The goal for Aisha should’ve been a side-swept bang (which is accomplished by having razored layers, a brush and hairspray).

The key to carrying off blunt bangs that slightly graze the top of your eyebrow like Jada Pinkett-Smith’s is to make sure that the bangs are thinned as to not appear heavy. To achieve this sleek style with just enough body, blow dry your hair with a flat brush like Goody Pro Vented Thermal Styler (avail. at Walmart stores nationwide). Finish with a hair spray that delivers long-lasting glossy shine like Elasta QP Reflect Sheen Spray ($3.49,

If you’re a carefree spirit and like a less-coiffed look, then go for Joy Bryant’s version of a bang – super-long (grazes the tops of her eyelashes), choppy and very wispy. To get that “piecey” look, lightly brush your bang with Goody Pro Vented Thermal Styler and then gently tousle it to separate.

Tip: Use very little product on your bang because the oil from the product could end up on your skin (forehead) where blemishes could develop.

Hue Knew It? I did.