Cheap Chic Solutions To Managing Curly Hair

Cheap Chic Solutions To Managing Curly Hair

When most of your expendable income goes towards maintaining that which grows out of your scalp, there’s a problem, so look towards cheap chic solutions to managing curly hair from brands Aunt Jackie‘s, Creme of Nature, Palmer’s Olive Oil, Dark and Lovely and African Pride that do not not sacrifice on quality one bit.

What hit me like a ton of bricks back in the day when I did the natural thing, was the cost that I was paying in product to maintain said style – way too expensive for my taste. Had budget-friendly products been around back then, then maybe, just maybe I’d be doing the natural thing today! Or probably not since magic hair has become a recent bestie.

Get It Clean Missy

First, comes shampooing with Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Sulfate Free  Moisture & Shine Shampoo ($6.29, – a sulfate-free formula that nourishes, gently detangles and leaves hair with a brilliant shine.

Heavy Duty Detangling

Then comes Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils knot on my watch Instant Detangling Therapy (family dollar stores, makes it so that you’ll never look at detangling as the dreaded step before you hit curly nirvana again. Besides smelling awesomely good, this detangling solution with the power of “silky slip,” protects all hair types and textures from breakage and glides through hard-to-manage hair – no stress, no strife.

But we’re not done yet, you need a super creamy deep conditioner to restore moisture now, so try ($1.59, family dollar stores,, which is specially-made for the frizzy, weak or color-treated hair types. Made with no sulfates or parabens, this repairing treatment is rich in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help strengthen weak, brittle hair while minimizing breakage.

Just Wanna Style It

Should you want to blow dry your hair or just want to maintain your short curly style, use ($3.19, to get a healthy looking sheen and to stop breakage. This anti-breakage formula also helps  mend split ends & dryness given that it’s rich in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the ultimate in soft coils.

Curl Definition

And for curls that are defined and long-lasting without that blasted shrinkage-effect, give Dark and Lovely Anti-Shrinkage Curl Moisturizing Souffle ($9.99, a chance. It gives you just enough hold, sans the crunch as it softens softens tight curls and coils.

Hue Knew It? I did.