Control Your Mane with Hair Brushes for Black Hair

Control Your Mane with Hair Brushes for Black Hair

The holy grail of hair brushes is Mason Pearson – a line of brushes that cost upwards of $200 and promises to condition and leave hair with a healthy sheen. But why pay big money when you can pay far less for hair brushes for Black hair that unearth smooth, shiny tresses or for one that according to celebrity hairstylist Sophia Alston claims “is the best brush for tangled weaves.”

Popular among hair dressers, wig-lovers and weave-wearin’ women, The Wet Brush ($14, is made with thin, strong and flexible IntelliFlex™ bristles which eliminate the possibility of hair loss because it doesn’t tug, pull or rip. Another benefit is that the ball tip bristles offer a great scalp massage and stimulates circulation. Use on wet or dry hair.

Similar to the Wet Brush in product benefits, but jazzier to look at with its blinged out design – the Keratin Perfect Bedazzled Brush ($44, gently detangles and smoothes wet or dry hair  without snagging or pulling. The ball-tipped nylon bristles on this brush are staggered so as to work with all hair types, but the stand out benefit of this brush? 20% from each BeDazzled Brush sale is donated to the non-profit organization Think Pink Rocks that raises awareness about early detection of breast cancer.

Tangles aside, now it’s time to brush your hair shiny with the John Frieda Sleek Finish Hair Brush ($19.99, made with metal bristles in the flexible cushion base for increased handling comfort and ball-tipped bristles. And the closer you place the brush to your scalp the more it reduces frizz and static.

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