Dry Hair Rescue Remedies Inspired by Ariana Grande

Dry Hair Rescue Remedies Inspired by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, set to star in the highly anticipated horror-comedy Scream Queens, is usually rocking a high ponytail. With spring quickly approaching, Ariana‘s healthy high ponytail has inspired HueKnewIt to find three hot oil therapies under $11 from OGX, Alberto Vo5 and Vita Coco that are the perfect dry hair rescue remedies for transforming dry tresses to more smooth, luster-filled hair.

A Dry Hair Rescue Remedy Under $8

OGX Hair Penetrating Oil ($7.99, ulta.com) is blended with Moroccan argan oil, a known ingredient that penetrates the hair shaft deeply healing dry, over-processed, coarse hair restoring softness and strength. This oil also protects your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage.

A Dry Hair Rescue Remedy Under $6

When in pursuit of strong, silky hair, look no further than drugstore alum ($5.99, drugstore.com). It contains five essential vitamins and proteins that help soothe your dry scalp and condition damaged and over-processed hair, root-to-tip leaving silky softness in its wake.

A Dry Hair Rescue Remedy Under $10

Truth be told, I never thought of coconut oil as another way to bring moisture to my hair until I heard of multi-purpose Vita Coco Coconut Oil ($9.99, amazon.com). made of 100% raw, organic, cold pressed coconut oil, Vita Coco, yes the makers of the all-natural coconut water brand is a miracle in a jar. When used on your hair as a hot oil treatment, it protects it against damage, adds shine and minimizes frizz.

NOTE:  Hot oil treatments should be done only on weekly basis or as-needed.

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