Got Mane Color Envy? Change It With This Hair Color Spray

Got Mane Color Envy? Change It With This Hair Color Spray

Hair Color Spray

Desperately seeking a new hair color, but a dye is just way too permanent? A great save is the new hair color spray collection Go Intense! Color Sprays from Dark and Lovely, which leaves vibrant temporary color on the darkest of hues. [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

Rock a bold Dark and Lovely Go Intense! Color Sprays shade for Halloween, or anytime when you want to shake up your look with one, or a combination of all 7 show stopping shades for the artist in you. Nicki does it. Katy does it. And you can too with safe, ammonia-free hair color spray that easily sprays on, and washes out even easier. can be used for simple accents or bold looks, so you can channel your inner Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry, or dress up as a mystical creature or a classic cartoon. Dark and Lovely Go Intense! Color Sprays are available in 7 show-stopping shades:
  • Pretty in Pink: Gorgeous blush-crush of color delivers a fierce rosy shade
  • Mint Condition: This fresh, frosty jade will elevate your game delivering a vivacious green hue
  • Lucky Lavender: Get passionate pastel tresses with this lusciously soft purple
  • Bombshell Blue: Cool sapphire, ocean-inspired shade that makes your 'do stand out
  • Silver Lining: Electric chrome color that adds an abundance of shine and platinum finish
  • Rose Gold: Cinnamon luxe shade that adds a warm metallic to your style
  • Gold Rush: Transform your hairstyle into all that glitters
Availability:, target, walmart Price: $6.99

Why You'll Love It

I know a thing or two about hair color spray, and while I didn't use this Dark and Lovely back then (see video below) because it wasn't available, I would have hands down! From the nozzle that precisely sprays color where you need it, to the actual color it dispenses is loads better than its predecessors. Within a few seconds the color dries and doesn't come off on your fingers unless your rub really hard. On impact,Go Intense delivers intense, ultra vibrant color like I've never seen before. My hair didn't feel crunchy and the color lasted. This is a must-buy ladies (and gents) won't regret it. [embed][/embed]

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