Hair Bun Tools for Styling Buns & A Curly Hairdo

Hair Bun Tools for Styling Buns & A Curly Hairdo

If the allure of a simple ponytail has fizzled out and you’re itching to try a new style that doesn’t involve calling in the stylin’ troops, what’s a girl to do? Give one of these fun, functional hair bun tools a go and create perfect spiral curls or that masterpiece of a bun that doesn’t require a million hair pins.

Just like the web page says of Hot Buns Simple Styling Solution ($10, – roll, snap and wrap! Getting the perfect bun is really that easy and each time you walk away looking as if a professional did it. Here’s how to get your very own Hot Buns. One winner!

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Rid yourself of the 20 or so pins you’d normally use to create a bevy of updo’s and get ready to be amazed by what the Goody Spin Pin ($5.89, can do! Even in the thickest of manes, all you do is twist the pin into position and your hair stays completely secure until you remove it. Comes in light and dark.

HKI and fellow beauty blogger Naila Carter of Naila You’re On! love us some Curlformers (from $13.99, Sally Beauty stores &! Save your fingers from curling iron burn and get the curls you’ve been after in just a few simple steps – hook, pull through and let dry. LOVE the fact that Curlformers comes in different sizes for different size curls and are color-coded.

See, Naila looks fab!