Color Relaxed Hair Safely

Color Relaxed Hair Safely

If stylish songstresses Ciara and Rihanna can dye their manes, why can’t I? Well, I did once and I ended up with patches of bleached hair in the sink before me. Mom told me not to do it but I wouldn’t listen .A professional really should have applied the mixture of bleach and hydrogen peroxide. I’m traumatized just thinking about it. I certainly was a vision with patches of missing hair, so I put on my fabulous scarf and obscenely large sunglasses and hoops. What? Haven’t you heard that saying, go big or go home!? 

Permanent Dye for Chemically Treated Hair

Is there a hair color for chemically treated hair? I now opt to make my own black hair color richer and shinier with permanent, ammonia-free and hydrogen peroxide-free hair color called Bigen Hair Color. You can find this at or at most of your local beauty supply stores. It comes in a range of colors, but I use blue-black, which gives me the true depth and sheen I’m always after. It brings me to tears just thinking about how happy this product makes me feel. Just mix this powder-based formula with water, apply and you’re ready.

What’s also cool about Bigen is that I can do a double process (relaxer and color) on the same day without damaging my hair versus splitting the two processes over two days. I am an impatient person so this works well with my “very slight” character flaw. Oh and another thing, the color lasts for what seems like forever, but you should plan on reapplying every two months or so.  Impressive indeed.

I’ve done a little cheating in my day. I should probably clear that up. I mean on my staple beauty items in search of something better…there’s just so much to choose from, but when it comes to hair color, I’m stickin’ with my favorite hands down … Bigen.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Chemically Treated Hair

For those of you not ready to commit to a permanent hair color, try Clairol Jazzing Hair Color. It comes in a point and squeeze bottle and produces little or no mess. I think the only negative is that it acts like a rinse (it is a semi-permanent color after all) which means that the color washes out pretty quickly.  If you end up using this, let me know what you think.

Maintain Your Color with the Right Products

To protect your color for as long as possible use Joico Color Endure Shampoo. It cleans and protects the vibrancy of your color-treated hair.And since hair color tends to make our fragile hair more brittle, I suggest you invest in a quality hair conditioner. One of my personal favorites is Phyto Intense Nutrition Mask which I pick up from Ricky’s NYC. I wash my hair and put this on for about 10 minutes under a heat cap and rinse out. The conditioner is incredibly rich and seems to treat my precious strands with kit gloves.

Funky Spray-In Colors for Chemically Treated Hair

On the other hand, if edgy is how you’re feeling (I usually feel this way nine months out of the year) then try Jerome Russell B-wild! Temp’ry Color Spray,Panther Purple. Again, a ton of colors to choose from. Before you start imagining the worst, just spray this temporary hair color wherever you like and release your inner rock star! Don’t worry, the spray is gentle to your hair and you can just wash it out.

Take a look at my Pro Picks
  • Bigen Hair Color: Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color contains no ammonia and requires no peroxide. The results are beautiful, true-to-life, long-lasting color with a rich and natural look. An economical way to color your hair simply use as much as needed and keep the rest for the next application. $5.99
  • Clairol Jazzing Hair Color: Available in a variety of shades, this versatile color can be temporary or semi-permanent. Heat is not recommended when used immediately following a chemical service. Perfect for permanent waved or relaxed hair. $6.49 3oz.
  • Joico Color Endure Shampoo: Designed for long lasting color. This color-maintenance shampoo gently cleanses while protecting the vibrancy and longevity of color treated hair without disturbing color molecules. Hair color lasts longer; hair is softer, more manageable and stronger. $8.50. 10.1 oz
  • Jerome Russell B-wild! Temp’ry Color Spray,Panther Purple: Intense color, washes out. Specially formulated to vividly color or highlight your hair, with a range of great colors to choose from. No need for the use of tints, bleaches, or peroxide. Will not damage hair. $5.49 3.5oz
  • Phyto Intense Nutrition Mask: Intense Nutrition Mask repairs hair all the way down to the ends. Illipe butter increases hair’s elasticity while mango oil and quinoa milk replenishes essential nutrients that smooth and soften textured or color-treated hair. After the very first use, hair will feel more supple, soft and vibrant. The mask can also be used as an instant detangler or an intense conditioning mask. $27.99

Hue Knew It? I did!