Treat Hair Issues with Hair Mask Products

Treat Hair Issues with Hair Mask Products

Actress Vanessa Hudgens has a great head of healthy-looking hair. And we could possibly attribute that healthiness to hair masks products. At least once a week it’s necessary to give your hair, what I like to call a spa treatment for your ‘do with hair mask productsHueKnewIt shares how to treat specific hair issues — over-processed hair, frizzy hair, dry colored hair and naturally textured hair — using four hair mask products from J.F. Lazartigue, Moroccanoil, Topganic, and Soft-Sheen Carson.

Conditioners versus Hair Mask Products

Conditioners and hair masks are quite similar in that they both solve manageability issues. But the key difference is answered with one question: What problem are you trying to solve? If you’re strictly looking to introduce moisture and manageability to your hair on a weekly basis for one to two minutes, then we’ve all got that goal in mind. A hair mask that is left on for up to 15 minutes, however, looks to repair damaged tresses, may only focus on one specific hair type or condition like color-treated hair, and is often done on an as-needed basis.

 For The Very Dry, Over-processed and Damaged

J.F. Lazartigue Mask with Shea Butter ($54, is a deep-action, ultra-moisturizing treatment that penetrates the shafts of very thick hair restructuring and it leaving your hair feeling stronger and more pleasant to the touch. The suggested use is once weekly on and depending on the  condition of your hair, leave on for up to two hours.

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Unruly & Frizzy Hair

When a smoothing serum alone won’t calm down the frizzies, turn to Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask ($74.40, for more assistance. What this is is a highly-concentrated argan butter hair mask that contains coconut-derived fatty acids that deeply hydrate and intensely nourish your strands so they feel more manageable, soft and has improved elasticity.

Dry & Colored Hair

Enriched with Vitamin A, Argan oil and Jojoba oil, Treat Hair Mask with Argan Oil from Morocco For Dry & Colored Hair from Toganic ($11, returns dry hair to normal moisture levels, while it infuses each strand with necessary vitamins. After every treatment you will enjoy softer, shinier and more flexible hair.

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Natural Hair

Ladies of the natural curls category should consider Soft Sheen Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System Steam Masque  ($17.99, because it delivers the very intensity of moisture coarse hair needs. Infused with Aloe Vera, this moisturizing system softens tight coils, contains no drying alcohol and enhances curl definition so you end up with fluffy coils

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