Increase Hair Growth With Products for Slow Growing Hair

Increase Hair Growth With Products for Slow Growing Hair

“My hair won’t grow! There isn’t a stylist on earth who hasn’t heard these very words from a client or two. You might’ve even been the client who uttered these words not just to your stylist but to your bathroom mirror with an audible whimper nonetheless because your six-inch length hair in January is still just six inches in June. WTF!

Side-stepping the hair plug option, celebrity stylist Sophia Alston offers her insight into how to get your hair into the best possible condition to increase hair growth. But, first some trivia – how long does hair grow in a month? The answer is half an inch!

According to Sophia there a few things you can do to maintain the health of your hair, one of them being to use proper shampoos and conditioners; her favorites are Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Moisture Recovery Conditioner ( because these products combine many ingredients like jojoba oil which provides the ultimate in moisture replenishment for hair that “becomes dry because of chemicals like relaxers and the [mere] harshness of the environment.”  More of Sophia’s tips include:

* Take Vitamin E (found in leafy vegetables, seeds and whole grains) & Biotin to stimulate hair growth.

* Do away with using harsh relaxers.

* Get your hair trimmed every four to six weeks.

HKI offers up yet a more targeted treatment option for slow growth from Makari Cosmetics – Hair Growth Elixir ($29.95, This elixir is a capillary treatment that stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair roots. Lightly massage into a clean scalp until absorbed. As with any treatment product, it’s important to remember that results aren’t guaranteed, however, following the directions word for word (as I did) increases your chances of success.

HKI’s Tip that costs $0 is a scalp finger massage which increases blood circulation.

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