Karreuche Sleek Hair Must: A Flat Iron

Karreuche Sleek Hair Must: A Flat Iron

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Flat Ironflat iron Karreuche Tran

According to Hype Hair Magazine, one of model Karreuche Tran‘s hair must-haves is a good flat iron like the latest Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron – the celeb and everyday girl’s best friend.

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The Buzz

Prestige hair tools brand Bio Ionic has introduced three new innovative appliances for consumers who want salon-worthy hair in record time. The Bio Ionic Luxe Collection includes: Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1″ wide plate ($230), which styles your hair in 10 minutes. The exclusive vibrating iron plates shuffle and separate hair into easy sections for faster smoothing smoothing and styling. The rounded tip allows you to get closer to your roots, while the ceramic  plates are infused with natural volcanic mineral that micro hydrate for ultimate shine and condition. For information on the Bio Ionic Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron, 1″ wide barrel ($230) and the Bio Ionic 10x Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer ($330), please visit bioionic.com.

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Out With The Old and In With the New

Curious about when it’s time to chuck your old hair tool for a new one, I asked Lead Styling Artist for Agave and Bio Ionic, Joel Calfee. He says…

Tool Malfunction: 

The first and most important sign is noticing the early signs of malfunction.  If you’re having to hold your tool a certain way while holding the cord another way just to keep it on and working, it’s time to lay your tool to rest.  If you experience power cutting-out during use, this is an early warning of potential electrical issues within it the tool. Another tell-tale sign includes hearing strange noises while using the tool. If something sounds off, chuck it.  For example, your blow-dryer shouldn’t sound like a clogged vacuum cleaner when you use it, so if it does, it’s time to begin your beauty tool research. Next thing you know, you’ll be heading to work with wet hair!

Lack of Performance:

As tools age, its takes a toll on their performance.  What used to take two passes to smooth your hair has now become 4-6 passes to get the desired result.  Every pass you make is increased mechanical stress to your hair as well as increased heat exposure.  Both are things you’d like to minimize for healthier hair.

But lack of performance isn’t always contingent on a tools age, it can also be from a lifestyle change.  Perhaps your new job has you starting your beauty routine earlier each morning or you have a new child and time is of the essence.  In these scenarios, you are probably better off getting a tool that delivers faster results in half the time.  Try the Bio Ionic OnePass Styling Iron for one pass smoothing results or the Bio Ionic Luxe 10X Dryer to get your hair dry in under 10 minutes.

Unachievable Styling Results:

So,  your hairstylist taught you how to get those super-gorgeous, modern curls using a flat iron.  But, when you got home, your iron just wouldn’t allow you to create the same result.  It could be time to make the upgrade.  A great styling iron should allow you to achieve curls, waves, smooth styles and volume.   If you’re not willing to part ways with your old flat iron just yet, perhaps adding a long barrel curling iron or styling wand can help you getting that straight-outta Pinterest look you so desire.

Why You’ll Love It

Oh, and if you’re wondering why you’ll love it, well I love the Bio Ionic Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron for two reasons: it heats up ridiculously fast as it evenly emits heat from the top of the extra long ceramic barrel to the bottom allowing me to create beautiful beach waves quickly and beautifully.

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Image credit: Jim Parsons