Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling

Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling

Blow drying. Flat ironing. Curling iron. The common thread among all three styling tools is that they produce heat that is needed to create many different hairstyles. But with repeated use these very tools put your hair at high risk for breakage and moisture loss.

But the question is, will we ever stop torturing our hair with these very tools? Not on your life, baby! So, how then do you protect your hair from heat styling and still come away with every strand still in tact and with hair that feels softer than ever? The answer is to add a “protective” step to “your” hair care routine.

Check these out…

There isn’t a weekend that goes by that Elasta QP Design Silk ($3.99, click for store locations) isn’t spritzed on my hair just before I wrap it. Design Silk is made with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil to moisurize & silk protein rich in vitamins that help protect hair from thermal styling damage. HKI is super-impressed with how well this product works – like mine, your hair will feel smooth and have great shine every time. Use on damp or dry hair. Also use Design Silk before roller sets and blow drying.

Dr. Miracle’s Acai Thermal Protection Styler ($5.99, is a good option for women sporting relaxed, natural, braided or weaved hair. The only difference with this product is the delivery system…you gotta squeeze it onto the palms ofg your hand and then work it through your hair. As with Design Silk, you get heat protection and enviable shine. Use on damp hair.

Optimum Care Heat Protection Polisher ($6.99, click for store locations) is a product that I use once my hair is dry, but before I flat iron it. Heat Protection is a dual-purpose polisher infused with ceramides and coconut oil that strengthens and helps protect your hair from heat styling. Get ready to fall in love folks because get this…this polisher keeps your hair from “turning,” also known as reversion and it fights humidity by smoothing your hair’s cuticle for maximum smoothness and shine. Use on damp or dry hair.

I encourage comments so definitely chime in and tell me about the products you use to protect your own hair from heat styling.

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