Remix Your Hair Styling Tools This Spring

Remix Your Hair Styling Tools This Spring

Take a cue from USA’s Suits actress Meghan Markle, who mixes it up with her cast of characters each week and mix up your hair styling tools from Tool, Gold N Hot, Cortex and T3 this spring, just because – your hair will notice a difference.

Massage Your Scalp

Wide tooth combs like Tool Structure High Volume Comb ($2.49, are not only good for detangling mangled messes, they also massage your scalp, which increases blood flow and  minimizes hair loss. And if you have thin hair, this wide tooth comb can be used to tease to create volume. 

Heat Up Your Deep Conditioning Treatment

Take your deep conditioning treatments to the next level with space-age looking  Gold N Hot Conditioning Heat Cap ($36.99, At the conditioning stage, put on a plastic cap and this heat cap and sit for 15-20 minutes. The idea behind this heat-activation technology is to make all types of hair softer, more manageable and to restore beauty to previously damaged hair.

Use A 4-in-1 Tool That Saves Time & Money

It’s nice when a brand thinks about our fickle shopping habits and accommodates us accordingly. Why buy four different-sized barrel curling irons, when you can buy the convertible Cortex 4 N One Professional Digital Clipless Curling Iron / Styling Iron Set ($99, The 4 in One professional curling iron solution with ceramic technology saves you money because you can get wringlets, spirals or large curls with these included interchangeable barrels: 1/2-1″ tapered, 1″, 1-1/2″ and a 2″.

Use A Flat Iron That Doesn’t Build Muscles

No muscle building here. The T3 Single Pass X ($230, is extremely lightweight and literally worked wonders on the thick mane of Je’Nelle Brown, the winner of my T3 SinglePass Giveaway. Along with this awesome flat iron that heats up to 410 degrees F, you get consistent styling without burning, auto shuts off after one hour and you get 2 pro sectioning clips – HueKnewIt LOVES money-saving add-ons!

Here are Je’Nelle’s candid thoughts on her new T3!

Products used:
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil
Chi Iron Guard Spray
[su_quote]The directions are pretty easy to follow although the temperature adjustment clarify that you won’t see number but you have to click it until you have the right amount of bars to match the temperatures shown on the other side.

Once I applied the products to my hair and sectioned it out it took me about 20-30 minutes total to flat iron my entire head. I did make the mistake of initially not sectioning my hair into thin small sections as the directions stated which didn’t work real well. After I sectioned my hair in to smaller sections and began to use the T3 is went fairly quickly getting my hair flat. The clips help the parts of my hair out of the way extremely well which helps when you’re trying to just get it done. For the most part it only took one pass to get my hair straight. There were a couple of times I did have to go over a section of my hair twice (not sure if this was operator error or not).

Overall my hair is bouncy & has some amazing body as well. Afterwards I wrapped it, combed it back down & it still looks nice. The T3 glided thru my hair without any pulling or tugging which is always a plus to me. I can honestly say I think my CHI has been replaced by the T3.[/su_quote]

Hue Knew It? I did.