This Hair Straightener Was Made For “Your” Curly Hair

This Hair Straightener Was Made For “Your” Curly Hair

Hair Straightener

maxius beauty maxiglide hair straightener It took less than a second to say yes to a recent invitation to be a part of the Maxius Beauty MaxiGlide Hair Straightener national television commercial! Why? Because like me, this flat iron is like no other. This flat iron was designed with the thickest, coarsest hair in mind to help straighten and hydrate in eight seconds. Keep reading...

The Buzz

Never before has a hair straightener that creates salon-straight hair without the salon existed until the MaxiGlide. Unlike other flat irons, the MaxiGlide was designed to simultaneously steam and straighten even the coarsest, thickest hair. Scientifically-proven as a safe and healthy way to straighten your hair, the MaxiGlide also detangles and hydrates your hair preventing dead ends and leaves your hair feeling soft and protected.

Why You'll Love It

Well there are three reasons why I love the MaxiGlide. I enjoy using this hair straightener because it delivers a controlled amount of steam to lock moisture into my porous tresses. Another reason why I like this flat iron are that the two plates can easily be removed - just click and slide out.  The one with 120 pins is for "detangling" and the flat is for quick touch ups. Lastly, you'll never have to worry about burning yourself because of the protective ribs.


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