Try The Best Hairstyle For Valentine’s Day

Try The Best Hairstyle For Valentine’s Day

Celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone, whose touched the heads of some of Hollywood’s finest like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Basinger gives HKI the 411 on the getting the best hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.

According to Mitch, Deep Side Parts will be huge because they add a level of sophistication to anyone’s look. Wear it loose or tightly pulled back like Rashida Jones.

The current darling of the small screen, Kerry Washington, shows off the next trend: Low, Tight Knots. If you crave elegance then this is the “do” for you.

Silk Head Scarves and Headbands add a feminine touch to updos and not-so-tame hair – check out Elle Varner & Beyonce.

Rutina Wesley wears what Mitch calls, the “between the sheets look – completely tousled, yet effortless & chic.” Wavy hair just works.