TSA Approved Hair Products for Worry-Free Traveling

TSA Approved Hair Products for Worry-Free Traveling

Some think that worry-free traveling means getting past the anxiety-producing airport security pat down without being detained. For others, the same term means breezing through security without having their precious beauty cargo confiscated because they aren’t TSA-approved.

Check out these TSA approved hair products for worry-free traveling:

To squelch some of the stress of packing for a trip, beauty companies have made more and more of their products available in travel-ready sizes like the product I refer to as the multi-purpose product on steroids –Black 15-in-1 Miracle Treatment (1 oz. $10, black15in1.com – not pictured here). Black is a styling aid that can be used on color-treated/processed, dry, brittle & damaged, coarse & curly, thin & limp, oily and frizzy hair types. A few of the 15 product benefits are that it adds shine, softens, smoothes, detangles, moisturizes, and soothes dry scalp – click here to see more product benefits and how to use it.

If you just need to pack a one-step hair product, celeb stylist, Ted Gibson bottled a whole lotta luxe for your hair in a three fluid ounce bottled called Ted Gibson Daily Nourish Conditioner ($7, 3floz.com). This conditioner is perfect for replenishing moisture to dry hair and strengthening it while on vacay. Who knows, you may end up buying a full-size bottle of Ted’s magic elixir because your hair has fallen in love with it.

And wherever your plane, train or automobile takes you, remember to keep a sunscreen in tow like Dr. T’s Supergoop! Travel-Size Sunscreen Wipes ($10, nordstrom.com). These SPF 30 wipes barely take up any room in your bag and do wonders to protect your skin from the suns harsh rays and calms down any redness and irritation because it contains Vitamin E and green tea.

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