Add Some Dazzle To Your Makeup Routine

Add Some Dazzle To Your Makeup Routine

Glitter Lips

Gigi wears it. Look even hotter and glitz it up whenever the mood strikes with Hard Candy Glitteratzi to add subtle shimmer, or full on sparkle to your lipstick for a glitter lips effect! [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

Hard Candy Glitteratzi is an all-over glitter topcoat that lets you add some dazzle to your eyes, lips, and body! It doesn't matter the season, reason, or time of day, rock Glitterazi when and wherever you want for an extra dose of pop, shimmer, and sparkle.  Available in 7 shades, Glitterazi is a weightless, quick drying formula with sheer coverage. For extra shimmer add a second coat for a high impact liquid glitter effect.   Price: $6

Why You'll Love It

When I used this alone (which you're not supposed to) the liquid-y formula deposits a very sheer layer of color and even less glitter. When I applied Aurora, the white shade over my matte, deep blue lipstick, whoa.  It seemed to wake up my lips and gave them a personality of their own...sounds weird I know, but it's true! If you're about being different and doing you, then Glitterazi is for you!

A Beauty Fav Karl Lagerfeld Bathes In  

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