Beauty on a Budget: Affordable Makeup Kits

Beauty on a Budget: Affordable Makeup Kits

With the current unemployment rate at just north of 9%, dispensable cash for extras after bills are settled each month is at a deficit. But the one thing women can do to feel good about themselves that doesn’t cost a fortune is to invest in a makeup kit that comes with all the bells & whistles so you don’t  have to continue purchasing individual makeup items month after month – essentially wasting precious money.

There are two affordable makeup kits that cost next to nothing to acquire:

The team at Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics (a.k.a. elf cosmetics) have created a dynamic Master Makeup Collection ($45, for a great value. You get 84 eye shadows, 36 lip glosses, six blushes, four concealers, four shimmer cream shades, one face brush, one lip brush, and one duo eyeshadow applicator.

This makeup collection is for the experienced makeup lover in you or even for the novice because with as many items as you get in this kit, you can keep on trying until you get it right. This collection is also made in a mini and medium size for on-the-go beauty touch-ups.

The Pixi Wakeup Kit ( costs $34 and includes 18 eye shadows, 2 concealers/eye primers, 8 lip glosses and 2 baked cheek powder duos along with a blush and lip stain. Pixi is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with this delicious limited-time collection of best-selling neutral-toned Pixi shades and colors to enhance your natural beauty.

While purchasing one of these or any makeup kit will hardly solve any of your financial problems, you certainly won’t break the bank if you do a little indulging. After all, if you’re not happy, it’s a guarantee that no one else around you will be either.

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