Bid Farewell To The Naked Palette

Bid Farewell To The Naked Palette

Naked Palette

For eight beauty filled years, The NAKED Palette by Urban Decay was the nude eyeshadow go to for legions of makeup lovers wanting the perfect blend of barely there shades. But, now that time has come to an end. To show their respects to NAKED, ultimate fan girls Kandee Johnson, Christen Dominique, Katy DeGroot, Shayla Mitchell, Chrisspy, and Brand Ambassador Nicole Richie filmed a tear-jerking video bidding farewell to the palette that has done so much for them. [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

After eight years, and over 30 million sold since it was in was introduced in 2010, the OG Urban Decay NAKED Palette will be going away, forever. With over $1 billion in sales, this innovative game-changer sparked a whole new category within the industry and quickly rose to the top, making Urban Decay one of the top eyeshadow brands in the world. To honor the end of an era, get your palette before they're all gone during the exclusive sale!

Here's the farewell video, you just have to see...goodbye NAKED, you will always be cherished.

Farewell Price: $27 / Was $54 Availability: [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

Urban Decay at Music Festivals 

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