Sweet Seduction: Chocolate-Inspired Beauty Products

Sweet Seduction: Chocolate-Inspired Beauty Products

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don’t be so darn selfish and share some of your chocolate with me too! Whatever your chocolate vice – milk, white or dark, chocloate is just one of those sweets treats that gets the mouth watering at the mere mention of the word. Bib anyone?

Since chocolate one of the world’s most popular sweet treat has the power to illicit joy, lift our bad moods and in the case of dark chocolate is a great antioxidant, it only makes sense to infuse the scent of this powerful dessert into the very beauty products we use to start and use throughout the day – products like those included in…

The Body Shop’s, Chocomania Shower, Moisture & Scrub Luxury Gift ($45, thebodyshop-usa.com). The indulgent heart-shaped box includes soap, shower cream, body scrub, body butter & lip butter.  I swear this stuff looks good enough to eat…I really need to start cooking more. 

And you just gotta keep your nails on trend, so go vampy with the rich dark shade of Revlon’s Hot for Chocolate Nail Enamel ($4.99, ulta.com). TIP: You MUST wear base coat especially with dark shades otherwise you WILL stain your natural nail bed.

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