Covering Up Tattoos with Makeup

Covering Up Tattoos with Makeup

Sexy, alluring and sentimental are just some adjectives that describe why many like recording artists Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blige get “tatted up.”  

But what if the once sexy display of ink on your foot or forearm is one that you’ve grown sick of or is inappropriate for a job interview? Or maybe the dress you’ve set aside for a special event doesn’t really pull together your “pulled together” look because of the markings on your body that are in too obvious a place to actually cover up. Even better, your relationship is now over but you’re left with a sad reminder – a tattoo of his name. Here are some beauty solutions to covering up tattoos with makeup:

A permanent solution is to have a laser tattoo removal procedure which can be painful and can cost anywhere from $250-$850 (the amount of sessions will vary per person). This option is only perfect if you have the funds, a high tolerance for pain and are absolutely sure about permanently removing your tattoo. And according to Your Plastic Surgery, the best candidates for this procedure are people with “fair to medium-light complexions who have darker ink applied sparsely and close to the skin’s surface.” So where does this leave deeper skin tones who aren’t considered the best candidates for this sort of procedure? People with darker skin tones can absolutely have this procedure, but must proceed with caution as it can cause hyperpigmentation (excess pigmentation or darkening of skin) or hypopigmentation (excessive lack of color).

A temporary solution, however, and a less expensive option is to cover up your tattoo with Dermablend’s Leg & Body Cover ($26, which comes in 14 shades. This is a lightweight, full-coverage formula with sunscreen that not only hides tattoos, but it also covers stretch marks, spider veins, bruises, scars and burns. This formula is meant to cover large skin surfaces like your legs, arms and thighs. You can wear it for up to 16 hours and is smudge and transfer-resistant. Another option is to use Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer ($25, which comes in eight shades. This highly-pigmented, water-resistant concealer hides tattoos, dark circles and blemishes.

For best results with either product, prep your skin by removing any excess hair to get a smoother application.

To apply either product, pat the coverage or the concealer on with your fingertips or with a foundation brush like the E.L.F. Cosmetics Foundation Brush ($1.00, Blend using an up and down motion and remember to remove any demarcation lines. Allow at the minimum five minutes to dry and repeat this process if you still need coverage. Finish by using a makeup setting powder with a powder puff or a face brush.

Just remember that your tattoo is your business and you can choose to show it off when you want or temporarily cover it up to make a different impression.

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