Date Night Makeup Tips for an Intimate Dinner

Date Night Makeup Tips for an Intimate Dinner

Dating’s hard enough, but not knowing what you’re overall look will be for that elusive first meeting can sometimes pose a challenge. All of us can benefit from date night makeup tips for an intimate dinner. It’s for that reason why I believe in planning your clothing down to the beauty products you’ll use to make yourself look your absolute best from head to toe.

Former Soul Food star Vanessa Williams can easily transition this cocktail look from the red carpet to an intimate dinner with her boo (or your “prospective boo” in the case of some of you and me). An intimate dinner outfit such as this calls for first, a product that will make her curly mane look moisturized and healthy, which is what Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz ($12, is known for. In fact, Kinky-Curly is a styling product that is specifically made for wavy and fine hair. The ingredient, Vitamin B-5 adds moisture while knocking out that frizz. What more could you ask for in a hair product made just for your hair?

TIP: From Kinky-Curly: Use SPIRAL SPRITZ to reactivate your style when you do not wish to re-wet and re-style your hair with the Curling Custard. Spray lightly when using to refresh your style. A little goes a long way!

[SWEEPSTAKES: If you live in the Los Angeles area, click here and enter for a chance to win tickets to see Maxwell and Jill Scott in concert courtesy of Kinky-Curly.] Good luck!

If you want to reveal as much skin as Vanessa (pictured) does, then nip the “ashy” skin in the bud. What’s more embarrassing than realizing that your date-night checklist doesn’t include lotioning your elbows, heels and feet? Just think, if you noticed your dry skin, your date probably did too, so do yourself a favor and invest in the Rare Love Balm, ($40, Fred Segal). It’s an emollient body treatment rich in cocoa butter and coconut oil. Rare Love Balm gives your body that natural glow while it nurtures your skin, lips and fingertips. Who knows, if things go well on date night you could also use this balm to get or give a sensual massage.Wow, I’ll have two of those!

Being the coquettish woman that I know you are, you must always include a nice blush for your cheeks. Using a little color on your cheeks makes an otherwise pretty face, a fabulous face and Olay has got just what you need in the Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Lush Berry ($9.99, No matter your age, this product, which is infused with vitamins and skin conditioners, stays put. Your date will definitely appreciate the effort.

Since kissable lips are always in season, make your lips irresistible to your date by wearing a slice of citrus with MOR Lip Delight-Blood Orange ($14,

To carry some of these products for your big night out, check out the Trina Essential Clutch ($35, in store at Nordstrom). This chic cosmetic organizer in nude works with any outfit.

Update on Friday, April 1, 2011:

Kinky-Curly Come Clean Shampoo ($12, target stores) has a new formula. The brand has added a new ingredient called Phytic Acid (an all-natural replacement for EDTA derived from corn and soy) to combat hard water issues; hard water prevents conditioners and styling products from working as they should.

Come Clean is a blend of organic plant & fruit extracts including Mandarin Orange Extract & Sea Kelp that gently cleans hair & scalp and removes dull buildup while maintaining its proper moisture balance. Great for dry hair damaged hair and good enough for everyday use and the girl.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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