The Skin Perfecting BB Cream You Must Try

The Skin Perfecting BB Cream You Must Try

BB Cream

Barbara Roll, Derma E’s Chief Marketing Officer says…

Moving into BB Creams is a natural extension as we believe the best make-up is beautiful skin. DERMA E could fill a gap by offering a foundational BB Cream rich in clean ingredients and powerful nature-based actives to help deliver this.

The Buzz

New to its already vast collection of clean skincare products is Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 30, available in 5 shades. This antioxidant-rich BB Cream primes, smooths and illuminates your skin during makeup prep, and delivers a natural-looking dewy complexion . It contains high-performing, buildable mineral pigments that adjust to different skin tones, providing light coverage that helps minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. 
Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream SPF 30 is enriched with Billberry Extract to help even skin tone and slow signs of premature aging. It contains Vitamin C to help brighten skin and support collagen health. And Vitamin E to help soothe, soften, rehydrate skin, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Price: $19.95

Available: 5 shades on and 2 shades at Sprouts Stores across the country. 

Why You’ll Love It

For this to be Derma-E’s first first foray into the clean makeup products category, I’d say excellent job. The downside is that the shade I used/was sent was questionable…too much yellow in it. Notwithstanding the shade hiccup, the formula is moisturizing and has a lightweight feel on the skin. Bon chance in killing this category Derma-E!  

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