3 Ways To Tame & Fill In Sparse Eyebrows

3 Ways To Tame & Fill In Sparse Eyebrows

With products from Vincent Longo, Anastasia and It Cosmetics, you can now fill in sparse eyebrows with ease. And, nope, we didn’t miss the boat, we see Mindy Kaling rockin’ sexy bangs now, but this piece just seems to work better with her prebangs look.

Use An All-in-One Product

In times of desperation, like when you need an eyebrow, period, start with It Cosmetics Brow Power Waterproof Perfector ($24, ulta.com), a simple-to-use product because it’s a brow pencil, taming gel and conditioning treatment all in one. Lasting up to eight hours, Brow Power does what many others in its category can’t- stay on even when sweat appears. Not to fret if all you have are a few hairs and a prayer, this product will make them look naturally filled in because of the spooley-end brush. Full brow lift guide included with each pencil.

Give ‘Em Some Color

If you’re not quite on the cusp of needing a full eyebrow transplant and you’ve got some hairs to work with, then consider Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel ($22, sephora.com). Women with thin brows can simply wand this cream and gel formula through their own hairs, so they appear fuller and thicker. Controls, shapes, doesn’t fade or flake and comes in six shades.

Control Unruly Hairs

And if you’ve been blessed with enviable bushy brows, you need Vincent Longo Bi Brow Powder Pomade ($22, vincentlongo.com) to keep them in place all day! Vincent suggests you use his #12 Liner & Eyebrow Brush, however, I personally like the control of an angle brush to apply this pomade. Bi Brow puts the controls in your hands as it helps you design perfectly arched, perfectly-shaded, polished eyebrows. To use: Dip #12 into the powder first using short stroke and then apply the pomade on top…I did it and my brows actually look pretty hot!

Hue Knew It? I did.

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