From the Creators of Revolutionary Artis Brushes

From the Creators of Revolutionary Artis Brushes
<h2>Makeup Brushes</h2>
The holidays are quite literally right around the corner, so it's only fitting that this new addition to high-end, cult-favorite, Artis Brush, <strong>BrushCraft</strong> offers modern <strong>makeup brushes</strong> to those who consider makeup an artistry and are looking to achieve a fast, flawless finish.
<h3>The Buzz</h3>
Ranging in price from $18.50-$24.50 is <strong><a href="">BRUSHCRAFT</a></strong> - a line of modern <strong>makeup brushes</strong> that take the minimalist route to achieving easy, effective and gorgeous makeup application. These brushes offers the user superior cosmetic performance by combining ergonomics with design, function and performance. Far different than your traditional makeup brush, BrushCraft are maneuverable and easy-to-use and include more fibres in each bundle than in conventional animal hair brushes.

<strong><u>The BrushCraft Makeup Brush – The Components:</u></strong>
<li><strong>BrushCraft Linear 1 – </strong>This brush is designed to help make a line of colour easier. The Linear 1 has a thin row of fibers aligned perfectly so that you can pick eyeshadow or liner and by gently pulling the brush across the skin, you can create a thin line of makeup. Great for lining eyes, or filling in and perfecting brows.</li>
<li><strong>BrushCraft Circle 1R – </strong>This brush contains a fibre bundle that is a cylinder shape, but with a rounded domed top at the fibre tips. The shape and size makes it great for applying eyeshadow and blending, spot concealing, focused contouring, and lip colour.</li>
<li><strong>BrushCraft Oval 3 – </strong>The Oval 3 is the perfect size and shape for applying eyeshadow products to the lid area. You can do an all-over application of colour, or use it to emphasize the outside corners of the lid or along the upper and lower lash lines. Also good for applying concealer to areas under the eyes.</li>
<li><strong>BrushCraft Oval 6 – </strong>This is the perfect size and shape brush for applying foundation, contour and blush. Pick up a small amount of product and gently sweep it across the area of the face you want to cover. This brush has over 60,000 individual fibres in the bundle, which is a main reason it applies and blends product beautifully.</li>
<h3>Why You'll Love It</h3>
There are so many reasons to love BrushCraft, but in the interest of brevity, I'll only focus on three of them as written by the brand...

<strong><u>What Makes BrushCraft Different:</u></strong>
<li><strong>Superior Blending</strong> – Every single NuFibre® filament has a tapered tip that ends in a microscopically fine structure which is only a few microns in diameter. This ultra-fine tip blends on a microscopic level, creating patterns so small they are imperceptible with the naked eye and enhancing the makeup look.</li>
<li><strong>Efficient Use Of Product</strong> – The uniform surface area of each NuFibre® helps pickup and laydown product, without holding on to it., with less product getting tapped along the fibre's length and instead holding it between the fibre tips</li>
<li><strong>Retains Shape Better</strong> – NuFibre® is made with a proprietary material that has shape memory, retaining its shape better than conventional animal hairs. If a NuFibre® brush ever gets bent from compression during storage, revive the shape by passing the brush tips through steam or holding the brush under hot running water for a few seconds, reshaping, and then allowing it to dry back to its original shape.</li>
<li><strong>Wears Longer</strong> – BrushCraft brushes were wear-tested along with two grades of conventional brushes [prestige and mass] by having a simulated skin surface move against the brush bundles for 48 hours continuously. BrushCraft brushes suffered no damage, but a significant percentage of brush hair in both conventional brush categories broke and split.</li>
As the owner of one of the Artis collections of brushes, believe me when I say that the same care and attention that was put into Artis was poured into BrushCraft. These without a doubt are a quality set of makeup brushes.
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