Checklist: Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Checklist: Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Gym visits needn’t be synonymous with looking and smelling hot mess, at least not in this beauty chick’s book. To avoid getting caught in that all-too-compromising position, your gym bag beauty essentials list should look like this: products from H20 Plus, Schmidt’s and Makeup Academy.

The science behind a good gym visit according to trainer and lifestyle guru Joey Thurman starts with these fun tips:

[su_quote]DO deodorize, before and after: Everyone knows that you should pile on the deodorant after a healthy sweat, but it’s also simple etiquette to do so before the gym. Small odors from the workday can grow exponentially while you work out, and nobody wants that. Especially the girl next to you.[/su_quote]

Given this must, never get caught without this fragrance-free, all-natural Schmidt’s Deodorant ($9,, which neutralizes underarm odor and wetness without the use of harmful chemicals. Smell good after  with, of course more deodorant, but also with calming H20 Plus Sea Lavender Body Wash ($18,, which rinses away impurities while relaxing your senses and soothing your skin. This body wash also hints of water lily and aquatic musk.

Joey also says,

[su_quote]DO be discreet with makeup: Whether you’re joining the “most exclusive” gym in town, you’re there for one reason only – YOU. Don’t dress like you are going to the club. Leave the glitter and makeup at home.[/su_quote]

Okay, so no glitter, as if! But you can wear Makeup Academy Moisture Balm ($6, to keep your lips moisturized as you pray for inches to drop. Packed with Vitamins A and E, these lip balms hydrate and smell awesomely good – six to choose from.

Check out more of Joey’s tips:

  1. DON’T wear cologne or perfume: Avoid wearing heavy amounts of perfume or cologne when working out. The smells will radiate as you work up a sweat and may cause nausea among your fellow gym goers. And if you think wearing your commercial body spray will have the ladies lining up, you are sorely mistaken!
  2. DO wash your workout clothes. Everyday: See point one. Even if you don’t notice odors on your clothes post-workout, as soon as those materials are exposed to perspiration again, they will release a foul odor. Buy a few back-up items and rotate between visits.
  3. DON’T hit on fellow gym goers: The gym is not an appropriate place to pick up a date. Most people hate working out and do so for health reasons, so they’re understandably focused on themselves. Don’t try to strike up a conversation with someone wearing headphones.
  4. DON’T be a know-it-all: Just because you’ve read the latest issue of Men’s Health or have been practicing the newest weightlifting trend does not mean you are an authority on working out. Do not offer help or advice unless someone asks you. Don’t even offer to spot someone.
  5. DO sanitize your equipment: There’s nothing worse than putting your face down on a gym mat and lying in someone else’s sweat. Same goes for putting your hands on an elliptical handle and being met with a slick surface. Always utilize the gym’s sanitizing spray before and after using any equipment that isn’t your own.
  6. DON’T be noisy: Grunting, singing, rapping, or yelling across the gym are major faux pas.  Not only is it blatant attention-seeking behavior, it’s extremely annoying. Keep your earphones at a reasonable level and your grunting to a minimum. If people are staring, it’s not because they think you’re cool.
  7. DO be courteous with equipment: While you shouldn’t necessarily cut your workout short, be mindful of those around you waiting for their turn on the machines. Everyone’s paying for a gym membership, so don’t be an equipment hog. Sharing is caring.
  8. DON’T walk around naked: While it’s not the biggest gym blunder, it can make others uncomfortable. Changing in the locker room is one thing, walking around in your birthday suit and sitting on the benches is another. There are towels for a reason.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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