Jet Set Beauty: Actresses Keshia Knight Pulliam & Raven Symone

Jet Set Beauty: Actresses Keshia Knight Pulliam & Raven Symone

Check out the jet set beauty of former child stars Keisha Knight Pulliam and Raven Symone.

In it’s heyday, the 1980’s television sitcom, the Cosby Show spawned two of its most memorable characters – Rudy Huxtable (Keshia Knight Pulliam) & Olivia (Raven Symone), who during the shows run were also the youngest characters on the sitcom. From all appearances, these ladies have successfully transitioned from little girls to beautiful young women with just a “little” bit of help from makeup that lets their natural beauty soar through.

I understand that some women fear wearing makeup because they think it’ll make them look unnatural, however, the rest of us who indulge in this ritual know that makeup enhances what you’ve been blessed with and complements your best features. Take for instance Keshia’s lustrous, smooth complexion. Skin similar to Keshia’s should never be hidden under a heavy foundation – you should promote your glowing complexion by using a sheer liquid foundation like Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation ($7.99, which provides skin with a veil of color and evens skin tone.

Raven’s eyebrows are the focus of my attention for the “right” reason now because they look phenomenal and because it wasn’t that long ago when her brows weren’t as artfully shaped. Years ago, Raven’s eyebrows were in desperate need of a good shape and a product that would fill in her sparse hairs like Heyebrow ($40, Heyebrow is a 2-in-1 brow product, first to fill in and define brows, but can also be used as an eyeshadow worn wet or dry to create a smokey eye.

So where are the ladies now? Keshia was a cast member on the recently cancelled Tyler Perry show House of Payne. Raven currently stars in ABC Family’s State of Georgia .

Hue Knew It? I did.

Photo credit: Koi Sojer/PR Photos – Keshia Knight Pulliam / Photo Credit: Image of Sport/PR Photos – Raven Symone

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