Makeup Brushes for A Flawless Makeup Application

Makeup Brushes for A Flawless Makeup Application

A quality set of makeup brushes is the equivalent to a designer bag or Christian Louboutin pumps you own because they first make you feel good, but also because they’re investment purchases that’ll last well into the future. Have I gotten your attention yet?

Your face is your canvas and only the best makeup brushes should ever touch that delicate skin especially if you want a stab-free, flawless-looking makeup application – a truth that any professional makeup artist worth their weight in gold would tell you.

At a consumer-friendly price of $53.99 you can get Everyday Minerals’ Vegan Deluxe Face Brush Set ($53.99, – a 100% cruelty-free set of five renewable bamboo handle brushes with synthetic hair which is optimal for applying liquid, cream and powder makeup product. Synthetic brushes are also very easy to clean. This set includes a long-handled kabuki brush, a flat top brush, a foundation brush, a dome Blush Brush, a concealer brush and a  drawstring bag to carry them all in.

Many professional makeup artists rely on the over 70 years of brush making expertise of Royal & Langnickel and they continue to develop quality products like this handsome Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro Silk Synthetic 12-piece Set ($119, – a set that I own and and you should too! Again the hair is synthetic so you can clean this set with ease. Set includes: Powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, foundation brush, smudger brush, liner brush, eye fluff brush, eyeliner/brow brush, flat liner brush, brow/lash brush, concealer brush and lip brush. No, it’s not cheap, but isn’t your face worth it a few extra bucks?

Cleaning Tip: Point your brushes in a downward position under running or still water. If pointed up, water may remove the glue that holds the bristles together.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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