Arbonne vs. Mary Kay: Which Brand Does Makeup Better?

Arbonne vs. Mary Kay: Which Brand Does Makeup Better?

Whether you’re a judge on American Idol like Jennifer Lopez or you’re judging the battle of Arbonne vs. Mary Kay like l’il old me, decisions are hard to make. Why? Because HueKnewIt is comparing lipstick and CC cream from Arbonne and Mary Kay to determine which direct selling cosmetic brand does it better.

Before we dive head first into who does makeup better, note how it all began for each of these mega direct sellers…

The History

Sold online and through independent consultants worldwide, Arbonne began selling skin care products based on botanical principles in 1980. The line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results!

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Started with only five products by Mary Kay Ash 50 years ago, the goal of Mary Kay was to inspire women and to transform their lives. Sold in more than 35 countries around the world, Mary Kay delivers advanced skin care that delivers results, makeup modern women want to wear and fresh, unforgettable fragrances – my favorite? Journey.

Which Lipstick Works?

Arbonne Lipstick – Coral Reef ($25, is a gorgeous, somewhat neutral toned lipstick that glides on like butta baby and is extremely moisturizing. The issue: At least on my own lips, it isn’t a full-coverage shade. Perhaps on lips that don’t have as deep a tone as mine the color would appear richer. For now, Coral Reef remains a sheer shade that isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but is perfect for someone who fears color…this line could be a nice entrée into the unknown territory.

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Looks like the sheer theme is in full effect again because Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick – Exotic Mango ($18, leaves only a hint of color as well. Inside the product claim “moisturizes and locks in comfort.” Too true, but it’s competition Arbonne has a thicker consistency which, I think coats lips just a little better and doesn’t evaporate as fast.  The upside to owning True Dimensions lipstick is that it treat aging lips – translation: It’s Infused with advanced skin care ingredients that smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps lips look fuller. I’m also digging the sleek, silver click-button case.

CC (Control Creams) – The No-Makeup Makeup

In a piece that I wrote last year about Arbonne Intelligence Control Cream ($45, for, I said,

“Just when I thought I had discovered the best CC creams for women of color, here comes along Arbonne 10-in-1 Beauty Benefits Complexion Control Cream ($40,, another a fabulous product and a personal brand favorite.”

The  opaqueness of this CC cream is spot on. It covers just enough, so you feel secure that your complexion has been evened and if want more coverage, you can build on it while it also treats your skin with 10 benefits: primes (super glue for makeup), protects moisture balance, Conceals facial blunders, Hydrates, Mattefies, Brightens, Covers blemishes, Refines pores, Soothes skin and is a Complexion controller. Comes in three shades.

Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($20, has what Arbonne’s CC Cream doesn’t – sunscreen. Rather than 10 benefits – you get eight powerful ones: Protects, Brightens, Minimizes Redness, Improves complexion, Conceals, Hydrates, Reduces signs of aging and Defends against environmental stressors and does all of this while leaving your skin with a natural, flawless-looking complexion. Four shades in all.

Report Card

Packaging: The winner is Mary Kay! Love that I can see the color of the product through the black and silver sleek packaging…time savers!

Lipstick: The winner is Arbonne Lipstick! Although the color is more sheer than I like, the formula is super hydrating and leaves lips feeling silky.

CC Cream: It’s a tie! Both brands fall short in the shade ranges they offer, but I’ve personally used Arbonne’s Intelligence Cream and it’s pure heaven on earth. I’ve also seen Mary Kay’s CC Cream applied in person on America’s Next Top Model winner Dani Evans and was amazed at how quickly it disappeared into her skin.

Overall impression of both brands…there’s something for everyone because as women we’re no stranger to changing our minds should the mood strike us. From Mary Kay’s new marykayatplay collection with fun colors for the flirty girl in us to Arbonne’s bevy of anti-aging products, there’s no reason why your pretty can’t be in check 24-7.

Until the next battle of the brands.

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