Nail Art Products That Show Off Your Personality

Nail Art Products That Show Off Your Personality

With 50 nail polishes and counting, this beauty blogger-in-chief hasn’t exactly joined the ranks of hard core nail enthusiasts like Miss Cassie or Rihanna, but the intention of having fun is clearly there.

Besides being the cheapest way to update a wardrobe choice, colorful nails are conversation starters and draws out parts of your personality you probably never knew existed – the fun parts, of course.

Slow to hop on the color train? Take baby steps and do the HKI girls an itsy-bitsy favor – put beige on the shelf for one week and adopt a shade far different than you normally wear and see how you feel! Anything less than incredible is unacceptable. So we’ve decided to share some great nail art products from Sally Hansen, NCLA, Physicians Formula, and China Glaze that will help you show off your personality.

I Heart Nail Stuff is about stepping out of your beige box and saying buenos dias color! Hook up your digits with one of the 30 bold Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear ($2.99) shades found in Ulta stores and online or with HKI’s favorite NCLA Nail Lacquer (today, that is), Pick Me Up at Melrose Place ($16,

Nail art enthusiasts may not appreciate wearing the shades of the stackable, one-coat coverage ($10.95, alone, so don’t. Layer them together for unending possibilities!

To get stylish, yet subtle nail drama, try the easy-to-use China Glaze 4-Piece Ombre Sweet Sensations ($14.99, which comes with Angels Breath, Something Sweet, Dance Baby & Make an Entrance. It’s so easy I call it Nail Art for Dummies!

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