Quickie Beauty Fixes

Quickie Beauty Fixes

Little patience and even less time calls for quickie beauty fixes from brands that get it – Tattoo Junkee, Every Beauty Brand, Mehron and The Wet Brush something we’re sure model Selita Ebanks is no stranger to.   

Get Ombre Lips On The Fly

Set the lip liner and lipstick to the side and pick up Tattoo Junkee Lip Stencil ($40, tattoojunkee.com) – the ombre-lip-trend-in-seconds solution. Simply apply (starting with the top lip) a Tattoo Junkie Lip Paint, then apply the lip stencil on top and apply a different color. Repeat on bottom lip and blot to blend.

Don’t Waste Your Lipstick

We all know the pain of wanting that very last drop of lipstick, but poof, those days are  gone because Every Beauty Brand Lipgloss and Stick Spatula ($4.99, everybeautybrand.com) gets to the bottom of that tube, literally and retrieves trapped lip gloss and lip stick from tubes and jars.

Keep Lipstick For Hours

Mehron’s LIPSTIX Lipstick Sealer ($6.95, mehron.com) takes the worry out of waundering lip color because this smudge and waterproof formula seals color in with just a light coating to keep color from fading or transferring. Drink again and again without leaving as much as a hint that you even had a sip. Just apply a thin layer over your lipstick, let set and you’re ready to go for hours.

Don’t Stress Over Tangled Hair

Tangles are the absolute pits, but don’t give into your anxious ways and start tugging uncontrollably. Instead, whip out my favorite detangler – The Wet Brush NEW Neon Collection ($8.98, thewetbrush.com). Whether you’re rockin’ magic hair or the real stuff, this brush is the living end. There’s a reason why The Wet Brush is the number one selling and fastest growing hairbrush in the USA – it’s IntelliFlex bristles bend with you as you brush through hair, enabling you to detangle with ease, not like other brushes whose bristles are stiff and unforgiving.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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