Reduce Shiny Skin with 3 Mattifying Cosmetic Products

Reduce Shiny Skin with 3 Mattifying Cosmetic Products

Reduce shiny skin with three easy-to-use mattifying cosmetic products from Urban Decay, Black Opal and OC8. A woman who shall remain nameless and a friend to HKI, goes to extreme lengths to trick her skin into being completely “matte” for a day. Rather than go through life with what she thinks is a less than perfect appearance, because her glands produce a little more oil than is tolerable, she eliminates any possibility of her naturally oily complexion from peaking through her beautifully applied makeup at any point throughout the day, with a cocktail of Milk of Magnesia and three different types of primers. True story.

Ladies, if the above demonstrates how far you’ll go to kill your glow…notice how I spun it in the positive, then check out these three products that’ll simplify your efforts and give you great mattifying results – well, maybe not Milk of Magnesia & three different primer results, but pretty darn close…

Edgy purple compact design aside, Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder ($32, has found a home in this beauty blogger’s purse because it stops shine instantly without leaving behind a powdery residue on my deep skin tone just like Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder ($8.95, – HKI’s go-to for beauty basics. One shade of either product works for EVERY skin tone.

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel ( is the secret weapon against extremely shiny skin. OC8 features ACRYSORB®, which traps facial oils for up to eight hours to help reduce shine and redness both resulting in an improved appearance of your foundation. Good for all skin types.
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Hue knew it? I did!


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