Trending: Nail Art Designs with Glitter Polish

Trending: Nail Art Designs with Glitter Polish

Style your hands pretty like singer Kelly Rowland does with a gorgeous nail art to set off your head-to-toe look. But rather than stay with the tried and true no bells and whistles lacquer, kick it up a notch with nails that will not be ignored, à la nail art designs with glitter polish.

Add Sophistication to Nails with a Hint of Glitter

Slowly enter the world of glitter with sophisticated Alessandro Wildcat Nail Polish ($9.50, There’s just a hint of glitter so you don’t feel like you’re channeling your pre-school years. Wildcat is one of the brands’ 99 fashion colors, which delivers even more brilliance to your nails because of the new patented formula. Fast drying and streak-free.

Show Off Your Nail Art Flare with a Glitter Finish

Up the ante with JulieG Nails Textured Nail Color  ($3.99,, which shows your flare for out-of-the-box personal styling. If you’ve only used nail lacquers that leave a smooth finish, get ready because you won’t get that here! The end result is a nail that looks like a nubby towel got to it before it could dry. But guess what? That’s the look you’re going for. To get the full effect, the suggested application procedure is to not use a base or top coat. Use thin coats and apply one to three coats for full coverage.  Allow each layer to dry completely in between layers for full textured effect, which may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte.

Create Glitter Nail Art Designs Just Like the Professionals

The adventurer in you should play with KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit ( This kit gives you everything you need from a multi-art brush to paint interesting details on your nails to a flat brush to build a multi-glitter look. You also get some great tips and designs from experts Gina Edwards, Masako Sasaki, and Patricia Yankee.

Nail Art Advice from Maisie Dunbar

Glittered nails are gorgeous to look at, but the removal phase is an absolute beast of a chore! If the chore of removing said glitter is hemming up your adventurous side, then take the advice of celebrity nail artist Maisie Dunbar, whose clients include Fantasia, Mary Mary, Guns and Roses, Chaka Khan, and Sharon Osborne – soak a cotton ball with 100% acetone and place on each nail for about 10-20 seconds and remove.

Maisie offers two tips for getting a great glitter nail application every time:

  • Tip 1: For best results for glitter nails use a base color very close to color of glitter and one – 2 coats if glitter polish, otherwise for full coverage and true glitter appearance you will need 3 coats of glitter.
  • Tip 2: Another option is to use dust glitter over polish while sticky and apply top top. If using this method apply one hand at a time.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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