The Best Ways To Control Unruly Eyebrows

The Best Ways To Control Unruly Eyebrows

Unruly Eyebrows

Ashley Madweke’s trick to styling her unruly eyebrows is to tweeze the strays and just “leave them be,” according to Allure Magazine. To complete the styling of perfectly plucked and shaped eyebrows, use brow-shape enhancing products from Touch in Sol, Milani Cosmetics, and Eylure.

Create Depth

Sculpting and shaping unruly eyebrows is made easy with Eylure Brow Palette n 10 – Dark Brown ($14.99, – a kit that comes complete with a sculpting wax to tame and polish, a hyper-pigmented powder color to add color and depth, a highlighter that defines and opens your eyes, and a two-ended applicator.

Highlight Them

Once you’ve given your eyebrows the depth it needs with a highly-pigmented brow powder, highlight your brow bone to further define it’s shape with the Touch in Sol Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter ($21, This long-lasting, liquid-to-powder highlighter in an easy-to-use pen that further enhances the look of your eyebrow. The precision applicator easily dispenses just the right amount of formula with a simple twist, to not only give you an instant brow lift, but to brighten up shadows and help even contour.

Of the products mentioned in this post, my favorite is this one simply because I had forgotten the art of highlighting my eyebrows, and this pen only requires that I twist apply. I also like the soft, pearl shade, which looks better on my skin tone.

Fill Them In

When you suffer from unruly eyebrows that need some fill-in help, try the Milani Brow Tint Pen ($6.49,, which comes in two colors. This easy-to-use tint pen is a long-wearing, matte finish, precision point brow styling felt tip tool that helps you create fullness and define your shape for wow-effect.
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