Why Urban Decay Is “Pretty Different”

Why Urban Decay Is “Pretty Different”

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“Pretty Different’ is our anthem for fellow makeup junkies who don’t subscribe to beauty standards,” says Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay’s Founding Partner. “It’s our tribute to individuality because everyone is pretty different. It’s our approach to reinventing what it means to be a beauty brand.”

The buzz around groundbreaking beauty brand, Urban Decay is that they’ve taken their anthem being “Pretty Different” to  the next level. Launched in 1996, this cruelty-free brand develops products “for the eyes, nails, lips and skin of girls and boys who want to rattle the notion of what beauty is and put their own stamp on it” and kicked off the brand’s mission to challenge the status quo, reminding people that makeup is for anyone and everyone and should always be fun, untamed, and unexpected. Urban Decay continues to reject the sameness that runs through the beauty industry with the launch of “Pretty Different,” a manifesto that embraces pure, unapologetic individuality. 

With “Pretty Different,” Urban Decay is also announcing five new spokespeople, a collective of trailblazers who refuse to accept forced standards and instead champion uniqueness. Lizzo (pictured above), Karol G, CL Ezra Miller,and Joey King star in the campaign and will front upcoming Urban Decay launches throughout the year, serving as advocates for being “Pretty Different.”

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“Our UD Citizens are dynamic, global voices that stand up for what they believe in,” continues Zomnir. “They are the true definition of ‘Pretty Different’ and embody the spirit of UD. Because being different doesn’t only mean being ‘weird’ or going against the status quo—it means you being you.”

Get inspired to be whoever you want to be at UrbanDecay.com and @UrbanDecayCosmetics #PrettyDifferent. Campaign Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atXeCbcwWaw 


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