Lady Gaga (Kind Of)-Approved Wedding Day Makeup Musts

Lady Gaga (Kind Of)-Approved Wedding Day Makeup Musts

Wedding Day Makeup

As Lady Gaga plans for matrimonial bliss with beau Taylor Kinney, inquiring minds (really just me) wonders if her wedding day makeup will be classically pretty or over the top colorful – as in what we’ve seen in her videos. In either case, she should be prepped with foolproof wedding day makeup musts from Boots, Kiss, Pur Minerals and Skinn Cosmetics, products even her LittleMonsters would approve of.

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Your Foundation

Your wedding day makeup should begin with a picture-perfect foundation like Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Foundation SPF 8 Ageless Finish Matte Makeup ($28, – an undetectable foundation and concealing system that looks flawless.  The microscopic-sized pigments in this foundation are suspended over pores, imperfections and wrinkles while never creasing, caking or clumping.

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Your Eyes

No wedding portrait face is complete if your eyes aren’t making a statement, so consider trim-to-fit Kiss True Volume Lashes – Ritzy  ($4.99, to create fuller, longer lashes.

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Your Cheeks

Softly highlight your cheeks with Pur Minerals Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush – Flirt ($18, – a velvety colour cream blush that features built-in Farm to Jar™ skincare. This mineral blush gently adds warmth and depth to all complexions, while it adds the anti-aging benefits of vine-fresh Resveratrox® and Vitisin, harvested exclusively for Pür from Bordeaux’s famed wine region, softening the look of lines and brightening your skin’s appearance.

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Your Lips

For all the smooching that will occur the day of, wear  long-lasting Boots Shine & Tint – Ballet ($9.99, – a shiny lip stain that stays in tact for hours and hours and doesn’t dry, but moisturizes your lips…it’s true!

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