A Do or a Don’t: 3 Top Manscaping Tools for Your Man

A Do or a Don’t: 3 Top Manscaping Tools for Your Man

Keep your man’s appearance smooth and clean from head to toe with three top manscaping tools from Mangroomer, Clio, and Headblade.

To err is human, but to let your man walk this earth with hair that’s growing well-beyond his ear canal and nose is wrong. To let the hair on his shoulders grow longer than the hair on your head is a criminal offense!

Please tell your man that manscaping isn’t an ugly word, but a way of life that should be embraced routinely before you lose impulse control and attack him with the Mangroomer Pro Scruff Shaver ($89, groominglounge.com). Mangroomer is a fab tool because its adjustable length settings works on any length or thickness of facial or belly hair. I sure wish this male grooming tool had existed in my Equinox Spa days…I would’ve heard less screams and earned more tips. Sorry guys, it was nothin’ personal.

Clio Hypergroom Body Groomer ($12.99, ulta.com) is the tool for whisking away your man’s chest, legs, abs, back, groin and underarm hair and pretty much anywhere else you can fit this handy tool. Great for men with sensitive skin. Don’t let your man’s 6 or 8 pack if he’s so blessed go unnoticed!

TIP: For a comfortable waxing session, trim hair to half an inch prior to visit. 

Manscaping also involves the condition of a balding man’s head. Convince your man that holding onto a few hairs isn’t worth it and that he’s much sexier without those few strands. Brandon, the fiancé of HKI reader Melissa K. reviewed HeadBlade ATX All Terrain ($15.99, headblade.com), a shaving tool made specifically for bald or balding men that gives an efficient shave every time.

Q: Before now had you ever heard of Headblade?

A: No, never heard of it before.

Q: What were your first impressions of the tool?

A: It looked like a little car, but it was small and looked simple enough to use.

Q: What prompted you to start shaving your head?

A: Trying different looks. Plus it saves money at the barber.

Q: Was HB easy to use? Please explain answer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A: Yes, It was easy to grip and the ring you put your finger in was adjustable so it fit in my hand comfortably. Using the wheels as a guide also prevented me from pushing too hard on the blade, so it avoided any cuts or scrapes.

Q: What do you think about the packaging…overall thoughts of blade and accompanying product(s)?                                                                                                                                                         A: I like the packaging and the colors. Easy to access the product. Simple instructions any one can understand.  Triple  blade gave a close shave that I like. Also like that the Headblade Headlube ($8.97, headblade.com) came in both Glossy and Matte so I can decide how shiny I’d like it. Plus the lotion gave a softness to my skin. It didn’t dry it out.

Q: Would you recommend this product? Please explain answer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A: Yes, I would recommend it to others.  I think it takes the pressure off trying to angle a regular razor and avoids any painful cuts and scrapes. It glides easily and saves a lot of time. I think men that rock the bald look would appreciate it!

HB can also be used as a face, body, and leg shaver. Use HeadShed Exfoliator ($11.97, headblade.com) to soften the hair before shaving.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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