Help Your Man Learn How To Manage Razor Bumps

Help Your Man Learn How To Manage Razor Bumps

Help your man learn how to manage razor bumps with products from Bump Patrol, Gillette, and Tend Skin so that your man looks as smooth as actor Lamman Rucker.

If your man has the propensity for developing razor bumps (also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae without the pus), he might need a little help from you and a tad bit from HKI. Together we can offer him some solutions on how to manage his unfortunate problem which is typical among black men, because with beard hair that’s usually wiry & coarse, it will invariably curl back into the hair follicle to create that dreaded bump.

But first, ask these questions: Does he have the proper shaving technique? and Does he have the proper shaving tools?

So what’s the best way to shave?

Always with a clean blade on a wet face, with shaving gel/cream to soften the hair, shave hair in the direction that it grows. Shaving against the hair growth not only exposes your man to unecessary nicks and scrapes, but when hair is cut beneath the surface of the skin, the hair may grow right back into the pore and that’s where the trouble begins, hence razor bumps.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for my tech-buddy, Nick to try Bump Patrol Maximum Strength Aftershave ($8.99, because he had just shaved two days before we caught up with each other, and the poor thing was still reeling from that horrible experience. He said that his face was irritated, itchy and of course, his hair bumps needed dealing with. I sent him packing with BP and the next day, he had a serious spring in his step and great comments to share about his experience with BP. He said,

“I was starting to experience constant bumps and irritation on my face from shaving. [After using BP], it was an almost immediate reaction, my face no longer felt like it was on fire. He was confident that the bumps would soon be gone and they were just days later. He says, “I believe in Bump Patrol, it works great.”

Bump Patrol’s fast-working formula with added moisturizers to prevent dryness was exactly what Nick needed and what your man should have. Great for daily use on moderate and severe bumps.

Another treatment product your man should consider, especially if he’s traveling is Tend Skin’s Refillable Roll-On ($20, He can chuck the cotton balls and use it roll-on directly on his face to treat any number of issues not excluding razor-related ones like ingrown hairs, razor burn, necktie redness/irritation, after laser hair removal and even as an underarm deodorant. “I’m loving the improvements Tend Skin!

Does he have the right shaving tools?

Bestie to HKI, Leslie C. swears by Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor and Cartridge ($12.99, It was tough getting anymore of a comment from him about this product except for these few words…, “this razor is phenomenal!” Since he started using this product, his hair bumps don’t occur as often. I guess less really is more in this case.

Rather than let your man be tempted by shaving against the grain of the hair growth to get a closer shave, let him try ProGlide – a 5 blade system that cuts hair without tugging and pulling.

Hue Knew It? I did.  

Photo Credit: Becky Turner Braddock

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