A Filler-Free Solution For Plump Lips & Firm Skin

A Filler-Free Solution For Plump Lips & Firm Skin

Plump Lips

When in pursuit of a pillow-y pout like that doesn't involve painful filler shots, add BLA Fit to your beauty fitness routine for long-lasting, plump lips like Riverdale's Asha Bromfield. FACT: Did you know that your face has 57 muscles that can be worked out? [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl="https://www.hueknewit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/blafit-device-full-lips.jpg"][spacer]

The Buzz

Bella Lip Appliance Fit is a non-invasive, facial exercise tool invented by Board Certified dentist, Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari designed to build muscle elasticity and increase volume, tighten skin to minimize fine lines, and lifts & plumps lips in just one minute a day. Designed for both men and women to use, this easy-to-use device can be used anywhere, anytime, and is made of safe, medical-grade materials.  Just place the tool between your lips, making sure that it hugs them and do the specified exercises for instant jaw-dropping results. The BLA Fit is available in four shades - Lavender, Sky, Peach, and Smoke. FACT: Did you know that aging causes volume loss, which causes lips to thin out? Availability: blafit.com Price: Through January 15, 2019 $110.

Why You'll Love It

I first used this device at the privately held event for it in Beverly Hills, and must admit that I was bit self-conscious...didn't want saliva to slip, or have my mouth wide open in the direction of the opposite sex...you get it. Once Dr. Bakhtiyari walked me through exactly how to use the device I felt a little less self-conscious. Once I got the hang of it, I thought of this tool as a great add-on to my current beauty routine.When I'm done using the BLA Fit at home, I simply rinse and dry it.

Give Your Skincare Regimen A Boost This Winter 

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