Wondering what your summer skincare goals should be? Look for products that prevent dryness and acne breakouts, help you tan safely, protect skin from sun damage and more. Happy shopping this list of everything you need to treat your skin with care this summer season. 

If you’re looking for a range of natural skin care products that solve common concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne, are suitable for all skin types, have a unique blend of natural ingredients and is developed using advanced skincare technology then trying Veriphy Skin Care is a smart move. The range features the revolutionary power of Photospherix® (Phytoglycogen) to energize the skin for a brighter, silky smooth, revitalized complexion is up to 98% natural and 100% cruelty-free and is manufactured in Canada using sustainable packaging and practices. Is suitable for all skin types. The range includes, but isn’t limited to:

Power Trip Facial Serum  Power Trip is an AHA serum with a powerful blend of Lactic Acid and PhytoSpherix® that exfoliates the skin, revealing a fresh and revitalized complexion. Arnica and Calendula Extracts help to calm and soothe the skin, making this product suitable for all skin types.

Price: $78

Hit or Mist Facial Toner  This toner is an ultra-luxe facial mist that deeply hydrates and refreshes the skin. This blend of Glacial Mineral Water and Ginger Water reduces the look of pores and detoxifies the skin while PhytoSpherix brightens and evens skin tone. White Tea and Blue Lotus Extracts are rich in antioxidants to help visibly nourish and soothe skin.

Price: $39

CTL+ALT+DEL Facial Cleanser  This gentle sulfate-free facial cleanser uses the power of PhytoSpherix® and a mild surfactant blend to eliminate dirt, oil, and makeup. Cannabis Sativa oil, Arnica, Green Tea, and Cucumber Extracts work to visibly reduce the appearance of redness while soothing and calming the skin.

Price: $36 


The multi-award winning DERMAFIRM collection means “healthy skin” since 2002. This complexion secret rated #1 in Korean skincare focuses on the key building blocks of naturally beautiful skin: peptides, microbiomes, and liposomes and uses the most advanced technology to identify, formulate and deliver the highest quality ingredients. There are 3 collections: Moist Barrier M4 DERMAFIRM’s Cera-DropⓇ liposome formulation mimics the skin’s own natural barrier, penetrating deeply to lock in healthy moisture, Age Reviving A4 to help improve early signs of aging and Ultra Soothing R4 (shown here) to calm, gently rejuvenate, tone and protect the skin.  

Price: $42  Availability:

Summer skincare includes calming acne breakouts before they start with Theraderm’s Reversion Clarifying Mask is a powerfully effective, yet gentle cleansing and exfoliating mask that helps combat active acne and keep blemishes at bay, no wonder it was named the winner of the New Beauty 2023 Award for Best Mask for Acne-Prone Skin, as well as a People en Español 2023 Star Product. This mask’s unique formula features natural ingredients, including kaolin clay and green tea extract, which work together to purify pores, absorb excess oil and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation. Perfect for all skin types, but especially for those with acne-prone skin, this fragrance-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic product is gentle enough to use on a regular basis, yet powerful enough to deliver noticeable results in just one use. 

Price:$30  Availability:

Believe it or not there’s a sunscreen made just for every need (and hue) from CōTZ, the healthier sunscreen brand. 

For dry skin: Hydrate the skin while protecting it from the sun with CōTZ Face Moisture SPF 35. This gentle, lightweight 16% Zinc Oxide provides long lasting moisturization and is lightly tinted, so you can enjoy hydration and sun protection, while evening out your skin tone.

For darker skin tones: CōTZ Flawless Complexion SPF 50 (pictured here) is our top suggestion for darker skin tones. Its tinted formula is oil-free and non-comedogenic so it blends seamlessly into most skin tones and won’t leave you with a greasy finish. We also recommend this solution for blemish-prone folks since this lightweight cream is formulated with 20% Zinc Oxide, which is ideal for all skin types, even rosacea-prone or breakout-prone skin.  

For the makeup lover: Create the perfect canvas for your look with CōTZ Face Prime & Protect SPF 40, a sheer tint mineral sunscreen that doubles as a silky, translucent primer and layers beautifully under makeup. This SPF provides a smooth matte finish, so it’s also a great option for those with oily skin.

For sensitive skin: Dermatologist Recommended CōTZ Sensitive SPF 40 features a non-tinted, gentle formula that will protect and soothe easily irritated skin. Formulated with 20% Zinc Oxide, this product is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

For those who want to protect their body: CōTZ Silky Foam SPF 30 is a quick solution for folks who want to apply SPF all over – fast! This weightless, non-tinted, mineral sunscreen delivers sun protection in a fun-to-apply silky foam that spreads easily and blends translucent on skin. 

Price:  $27.50   Availability:


Summer skincare should include tanning, safely, so try CLEANTAN Black Tea Tanning Drops is a plant-based self-tanner that controls the depth of your tan with a combination of natural, tea-based ingredients including – Rooibos, Matcha, Green, Black and White – as well as a mix of antioxidants and natural, organic ingredients with no tanning odor. It uses plant-based pigments from Beet Root, Blue Green Algae and Cocoa Powder to achieve your desired golden tone. Just add a few drops to your daily face and body lotion and smooth onto skin for an even, tanned complexion.

 Availability: and Amazon; Price: $44.50



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