3 Gel Nails Products That Don’t Suck – Really!

3 Gel Nails Products That Don’t Suck – Really!

Every woman should look at her nails as adoringly as silver screen darlin’ Lupita N’Yongo does, especially if she’s using gel nails products that don’t suck – really, from China Glaze, Nails Inc and Cutex – products that set the stage for long-lasting, glistening manicures.

Why Gel Manicures Got A Bad Rap

The initial popularity of gel nails was it’s ability to extend manicures long into the future, but, then an ugly thing happened on the way to chipped-free happiness – the removal process and the aftermath of weak nails left behind.

No UV Lamp Required

If you don’t want to fully commit to a gel manicure that requires an ultra-violet light, but want the same level of adhesion with a high-gloss finish, try nails inc. Gel Effect Polish ($14, nailsinc.com). Gel Effect is a highly-pigmented gel polish with a plumping effect that leaves every nail with a super glossy finish that doesn’t chip and all without a UV lamp! 12 gorgeous shades in all.

An option for taking off gel nail polish that won’t have you cursing throughout the process is Cutex Gel Polish Removal Kit ($9.95, cutexshop.com) that doesn’t have the harsh side effects of acetone, leaving your nails strengthened and feeling conditioned.

Your Nails Don’t Have To Suffer

…and then came China Glaze Gelaze Nail Polish ($10, sallybeauty.com) and China Glaze Gelaze Necessities Kit ($34.99, sallybeauty.com) – the best gift a woman could ever receive because it’s an all-in-one gel polish and base coat that shaves minutes on your personal grooming duties. While you do have to use a UV lamp to cure the nail polish, your nails get their pretty in 30 second increments.  These nails don’t come off until you soak them off with a remover that doesn’t ruin your nails. To get started on your new gel nails journey, pick up the Necessities Kit which includes: 33 fl oz Ruby Pumps nail color,  Clear Top Coat, Pre-Soaked Cleansing Wipes (26 ct), Bonus Items: Nail File, Orangewood Stick, Nail Pusher, 2 fl oz Remover and Instruction Booklet and Instructional DVD.

Hue Knew It? I did.

photo credit: ESSENCE/Philippe Salomon

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