Trade Bad Teeth In For A Power Smile

Trade Bad Teeth In For A Power Smile


Good teeth is just good business, especially if you’re in the business of branding you all across social media, or are merely on the hunt for your next big gig, which, as we know doesn’t pair well with a lack of confidence. And while all those filters are known to work their magic before you press “Post,” wouldn’t it be nice to have good teeth not just in the digital space, but in person as well where it matters most? Introducing the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse toothbrush.
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The Buzz

A recent 2017 American Dental Association study revealed that many millenials suffer from anxiety surrounding the bad condition of their teeth, with more than 30% of them living with untreated tooth decay.

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To help improve your selfie confidence, Arm & Hammer launched the ultra-slim and super-portable Spinbrush Sonic Pulse toothbrush, which removes 2 times more plaque than a manual brush. Also, the slim and sleek design of this oral care tool includes an ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your hand and allows for easy control like a manual brush.

Availability: Target, Walmart, Walgreens

Price: $8.99-10.99

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Another way to help maintain the health of your teeth and gums, according to Dr. Jordan Taylor of StoneCreek Dental Care is with foods that are anything but harmful to your teeth; they don’t cause cavities and nourish your teeth:

  • Milk and yogurt. Dairy products are rich in vitamin D and calcium, which are critical to tooth and bone health. Adding calcium to your diet strengthens your teeth and the enamel that protects them. Yogurt contains probiotics, which are “good” bacteria that block the growth of “bad” bacteria that cause plaque buildup, cavities and bad breath. Just be sure to reach for the plain kind — flavored yogurt is often high in sugar, and therefore not good for your teeth!
  • Cheese. Who doesn’t want an excuse to add cheese to their diet? Like milk and yogurt, cheese contains high levels of calcium. It is also high in phosphate, which helps balance the pH levels in your mouth. Additionally, cheese reduces the amount of harmful acids in your mouth, which can cause cavities and even periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Crunchy foods. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and celery act as a cleaning mechanism for your teeth, removing food debris and stimulating saliva production. While you can’t replace your toothbrush with an apple, you can help rinse away harmful bacteria by eating crunchy foods!
  • Dark, leafy greens. If you haven’t jumped on the kale bandwagon yet, you may want to reconsider — dark, leafy greens like kale and spinach are high in calcium and other vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. Did you know that pregnant women have an increased risk of developing gum disease, and that gum disease can negatively affect a developing fetus? The folic acid in leafy greens has been shown to help prevent and treat this issue.
  • Lean protein. Lean meat, chicken, fish and tofu contain phosphorous – an element that works synergistically with calcium. Calcium alone cannot strengthen teeth. Research has shown that along with Vitamin D, phosphorous plays an essential role in helping the body absorb and use calcium for stronger teeth and bones. Without it, your teeth are much more susceptible to cracking or chipping.
  • Nuts. Nuts are a nutrient powerhouse, containing protein, vitamins and minerals essential for dental and overall health. Furthermore, much like the crunchy foods mentioned above, nuts stimulate saliva production that helps wash away harmful bacteria.
  • Onions. You probably didn’t expect this one to make the list! Many people do not realize that onions have powerful antibacterial properties. If you eat raw onion, you may not have the best breath, but you’ll be fighting the damaging bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay. Onions also can help make your teeth stronger!

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Why You’ll Love It

Being born to a set of parents who were/are obsessed with good, healthy teeth, owning this Spinbrush is a total must if you care about your oral care hygiene. Quite literally, the battery had just died on a different Spinbrush that I owned when I received an email about this new launch! Every expectation is met when I use this brush…dirt and plaque is removed, so teeth look healthy and feel smooth, and it’s super easy to use. If you’re all about owning your pretty like I am, then you’ll love this toothbrush.

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