Get Gabrielle’s Effortless Look with 3 Multipurpose Beauty Products

Get Gabrielle’s Effortless Look with 3 Multipurpose Beauty Products

It happens to the best of us. Some days we want to greet the world with a full face of makeup, and other days we could care less about combing our hair or grooming our eyebrows. Luckily there’s no rule that says we have to be made up at all times, but beware, HKI views putting no effort into your look at all as an act of pure blasphemy!

If you want to look effortlessly beautiful like Gabrielle and you don’t want to risk your HKI membership status, you should think seriously about incorporating one or all three of these worthwhile, multipurpose beauty products into your no-makeup, makeup beauty regimen. It’s a promise, you won’t regret it.

Wanna wear a barely-there foundation? Laura Mericer presents Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer ($42, a moisturizer that gives you a soft veil of color and without question evens your skin tone, controls oil, hydrates and provides the always necessary sunscreen protection of SPF 20. Hue Knew that one product could make my heart sing as much as this one does.

What doesn’t Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream ($19.50, do? This super-emollient, rich cream is used to solve a bevy of problems like comforting weather burns, minor scrapes & abrasions, and soothes incredibly dry & cracked skin (the perfect addition to your winter body skin care regimen). Although ‘Eight Hour Cream’ isn’t marketed as a makeup product, you can absolutely use it as a lip gloss and on your eyelids to get radiant-looking skin à la Gabrielle Union.

The moment the Corioliss Straight 2 Curl Professional Titanium Styling Iron ($195, was ripped from the package & used on my hair, this beauty junkie was hooked. This iron allows you the flexibility to use to straighten your hair or curl it for a completely different look. Consider this iron a space saver because it eliminates the need for two styling tools to create your to-die-for look. The temperature control titanium plates heat up to 455° F and the curling barrel to 410° F. Both plate and barrel glide against your tresses and leave it feeling really smooth.

I knew I’d make you see it my way… a multipurpose foundation, a cream that does everything under the sun and a two-in-one styling iron is all you need to make difference in a few minutes.

Welcome to the beauty world according to HKI.

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