How To Thicken Up Thin Brows

How To Thicken Up Thin Brows

All across TikTok and Instagram, brow lamination, which makes brows appear thicker is having millions of hashtaggable moments and can be seen on it girls Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid. If this treatment isn't your thing, products from Nuele and Arches and Halos will help thicken up those thin brows. 

Nuele Ultra Clean Brow Serum is a fast drying, non-oily brow serum that lengthens and fills brows over time. Powerful vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants in Moringa and Jojoba oils work to increase moisture and condition brows, while Frankincense and Geranium promote healthy hair growth. Within weeks you’ll experience fuller, longer, healthier brows, naturally!

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Arches & Halos created by Celebrity Brow Artist, Tonya Crooks who works with Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and many more is THE brow destination at mass retail (Target, CVS, Rite Aid) offering a wide array of brow styling and care products like defining pencils, mouses, brushes, powders and more, including Brow Mousse formulated with microfibers to build up your brow hairs for a fuller look. Every product comes in 8 shades for easy color matching.

Recent eyebrow trends 'Fox brow' and 'Brow lamination' have seen a huge surge on TikTok and Instagram with stars such as Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Billie Eilish following the looks. With millions of views and posts, aesthetic specialists Vera Clinic wanted to ascertain which eyebrow trends will be the most popular in 2022 by analysing Instagram data.

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After years of obsessive overplucking or letting them grow only to pluck them again and again and again, I finally gave into what Bosley was selling. You know, the 'hair restoration experts'? I wanted thick brows again and if I had to pay $5K for a brow transplant, I was willing to do it. 

I scheduled a Zoom meeting with a Bosley consultant and was connected with a Dr. Costmiris in the San Franciso area. He immediately asked me to scooch closer to the camera so he could take a picture of my brows (or lack thereof). What happened next was strange...I was asked what my racial background was and was then asked if I had kinky/curly hair all over my head. As you can imagine I was taken aback and wondered why these facts would make a difference. Well apparently it mattered because I was told that Bosley doesn't really offer this service for black people or I should say, black people with curly hair. And why praytell would curly hair be acceptable as someone eyebrows? As a beauty geek I did offer up some grooming product options that would groom my new curly brows beautifully. 


Ultimately,  I was told to make an appointment with Bosley's Beverly Hills office to meet with the doctor who heads up this procedure. The verdict is still out as to whether Bosley is right for me since the procedure hasn't been done on us before. I will say that I am disappointed that the idea of curly hair for an eyebrow is thought of negatively and that so much adjusting has to be made (which I don't think is true) to accommodate my real want for full brows.  

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